Love, Lust, desire..

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You often battle with the things i just mentioned..Love lust and desire, To be held to be rich to be so many things and yet..things are soo simple right in front of you..Prolly on your shelf or in your closet or anywhere but where it should be in front of your eyes, Reading, Feeding of this peticular thing. This thing i am talking about Is Gods word, So many times Peoples awnsers lye in the bible..right there for you to discover..For you to search Instead of drinking. Why don't we read? instead of doing drugs why don't we read? Cause the human mind and heart clash, Deep inside of you is a war..constant weather you sleep or awake there is a war between Flesh and spirt between Good And evil. Not saying we don't faulter Cause We are imperfect. We are made to fail, We sin cause of what happened in the garden of eden. In time we shall face death if we are not called up by God in the rapture we will all see death. Doesn't matter what life insurance policy you have or what.. you do we will all die. I am not afraid of death, Not afraid of anything but fear and love my lord and Mom ; ) BUt its not what you take with you, But what you leave behind..Ok my random thoughts..God bless