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Jan 25, 2015
It's the dead of night in an Australian campground and you can't sleep. There's a great many things you should be worrying about at a time like this. The "wild Down Under" is well known for its giant bugs and reptiles boasting even larger teeth. The last thing you'd be looking out for is a particularly surly and drunk pig tearing through your supplies, but that's exactly what one group of campers stumbled upon.

"It was in the middle of the night and it was these people camping opposite us and they heard this crunching of the can and they got their torch out and shone it on the pig and there he was scrunching away at their cans," a camper named Merida told ABC.

According to the campers, the pig likely crushed three full six-packs of beer over the course of the night, drinking them dry before drunkenly tearing through trash bins at the DeGrey River rest area, east of Port Hedland, Australia.
Fionna Findley from the Main Roads department told local reporters that the feral pig in question has been causing a ruckus in the area for days, tearing through campgrounds and trash in several rest areas. However, this was the first time she had heard of the pig getting drunk and angry.

"We just want to remind everyone when you do pull over, make sure [your food and alcohol] is securely stored because there are a lot of animals out there that are keen for a free feed," she said.
According to the campers who were trying to keep track of the surly little pig, it at one point tried to start a fight with a nearby cow, which didn't go very well for the wobbly porker.

"And then there was some other people camped right on the river and they saw him running around their vehicle being chased by a cow," Merida said. "It was going around and around and then it went into the river and swam across."
The pig was last seen resting against a tree stump on the river's shore, nursing what is probably the worst hangover it's ever had.

The pig isn't likely to face any ramifications for its raging bender. The insulted parties told officials they were more upset about the loss of beer than anything else.
And Findley says Main Roads isn't exactly equipped to control a wild pig anyways, "especially one under the influence."

Beer Thieving Pig Gets Drunk and Starts Fight With Cow : News : Nature World News
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Sep 4, 2013
dunno..........sounds like the typical Friday night in the woodland campsites around Alabama......

durn redneck piggies


dunno..........sounds like the typical Friday night in the woodland campsites around Alabama......

durn redneck piggies
Hey, who yah callin' durn redneck? Take that back or else bad things will happen;)(jk:p)