The Holy Spirit Fills Us With Righteousness ( Romans:8)

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2016
He Sets Us Free,

It is His liberation that allows us to come to Him and
live in holiness. We have the freedom to accept Him
fully into our hearts. But in order to grow in Him, we
need to follow Jesus wherever He leads us. It is not
just a word that says the Holy Spirit is in us, it is full
commitment to Him. There is a point that if we come
to Him completely, we are completely changed. We
have now become a new life. We have allowed our
hearts to be entirely in the Spirit and no longer in the
flesh. This is all by the grace of God. We choose to
allow His control over us. At the same time, as our
new self comes through the Spirit, it also shows our
creation what not to do. So while His liberation sets
us free, it sets us free for righteousness and not to
continue in the flesh. We are free to sin but it comes
with our own peril. So the righteous cling to God and
not the flesh.