What does God think about betting?

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Ok. Obviously , d word 'luck' was not appropriate. I am not into gambling or betting at all, though. It's just a particular lottery game that keeps sending messages. It is about matching numbers. It cost not up to 20cents in U.S currency. I just had a strong feeling that I should try it, but also considering d tiny amount needed. So, I'm thinking to myself "Is this a temptation or Is this one of those situations where God blesses one in mysterious ways?" Surely, I know d impulsive habit is wrong and I ain't 4 dat.
Warning of a different kind. They're messaging you? As in this offer is coming by email or text message? Don't go for it. They may, or may not, actually choose a winner, but they can afford the pay out, because they just netted a bunch of people willing to give out contact information to play. Either they're creating a marketing list to sell, using it themselves to keep selling, or are hacking/phishing you.


Senior Member
Dec 12, 2013
What did Paul mean when he said that ALL things are LAWFUL, but not necessarily expedient.......??

MANY times we see a "devil" behind every bush and in doing so we attribute SIN where SIN is not necessarily attributed....does it not have a lot to do with being overcome by something? As a matter of fact we can MAKE almost everything we do under the sun SIN when we do the above---->"see a devil behind every bush"

Just saying.........