What happened to Comedy?

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Senior Member
Aug 20, 2017
Something I been thinking on lately, remembering how in the 80s (and before that) there was lots of good comedy shows, but come nowadays because of this political correctness, people cannot even laugh anymore.


Senior Member
Aug 13, 2014
Partly it is political correctness, not wanting to be rude to people. Partly some comedy really was rude and SHOULD be cut out.

But mostly it is because everybody in show business ran out of ideas more than a decade ago. Why do you think Marvel and DC have been making movies about superheroes that were invented half a lifetime ago? Why else would they redo the Spider Man story over and over and over? Because they ran out of new ideas, so they keep mining the old ones.

Same thing for comedy. All the jokes that can be told have been told, and woe betide any producer who runs a joke somebody else already ran. All the jokes that are new haven't been heard by the hollywood execs yet. All the jokes that haven't been broadcast yet are not PC. All that is left is jokes about sex and other body functions like flatulence.


Politely disagreeing, as in disagreeing, but not the type set up to start an argument. Just presenting a new possibility.

I think Hollywood went all American Idol on us, more than ran out of ideas. Not only did contestants on American Idol have to sing well, but the songs had to be Top 40s songs. Pop songs. Socially acceptable songs. AND the contestants had to be a certain age. No "old people," (and if I'm not mistaken both of you are officially "old people" in their minds), and no kids. And you had to look fairly good. They generalized specifically to sell a brand.

Nothing truly unusual or unique. Fit within a limited range. Which they've done with most TV shows too.

They can, and have done the unique. The Simpsons was unique. Fringe, Lost, The Pretender, Dark Angel, Heroes, Buffy, all unique. But then again, one channel is owned by Disney, so there is a lot of homage to Disney on it. Another channel is for men -- 18-30-something. They gave up chances for what sold in the past. And unfortunate 6 friends with one oddball sold. Dysfunctional families sold. And investigators or doctors sold. And, obviously dark comics sells.


Abbott & Costello died.


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2013
So true. I grew up on "all in the family", love that bigot... Even when Archie, Bunker made fun of us Jews... (and I'm a Jew)... Mash, making fun of transvestites. I agree people are too soft skinned...


Senior Member
Jul 3, 2015