Whoever lives in love, lives in God and God in them. 1 John 4:16 b

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Junior Member
Feb 17, 2018
When I started to work at early childhood education institute, I came across this interesting study... it was an older study case (longitudinal type of study) ... and with cooperation with department of health care and newborn department in hospitals

So, they were testing out different milk formulas and measuring which one is the best and how are infants and developing

But the results of this study were at first very confusing, because there were always two babies lying close to door on the left and right side who were always doing exceptionally better comparing to others...

No matter how they came in, in what shape, if they were in worse shape than other babies, after just the little time they were just always happier, calmer, gaining weight quicker, showing signs of first social smile before other babies did etc.

And the researchers tried and changed out every milk formula but those two babies in infant beds close to the door on the left and right side were just always two steps ahead no matter on what formula of milk they were on ...

So, after a closer examination they found out the reason.

It was the lady janitor, who came in two times per day to clean the floors in that newborn department and when she putted down her bucket and mop, she had always just enough of time to pick up and talk with those two babies who were closest to the door. Because of her work she had not enough of time to pick up every baby, just that two who were closest to her and the door.

So, showing affection and love and physical contact can make a physical difference in our wellbeing.
Babies were on same formula, nothing different was used, the only exception was the janitor picking them up, talking with them and expressing love, interest and affection.

I often use this study story as an opening for my class so that my students remember what is the most important when we work with kids.


Well-known member
Nov 19, 2018
Kent, England
Stuff like this makes me smile. Simple interaction can make a massive difference. There are adults out there who don't have anyone to talk to and the worst thing is being lonely.