Why do people on this site hate the Catholic Church?

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Not hate but disagree on few pertinent issues like;
1) Mary is just a vessel used by God to give birth to Jesus. She is non other than that.
2) The bible did not teach us to use rosary to pray
3) The Bible also did not teach us to bow/kneel when about to take a sit inside the church.


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Sep 17, 2018
Catholic in the bible pre-existed both the RCC and the Protestant schism.
Catholic in the bible sense as I recall isn't an institution of men. It is a spiritual union of the faithful. What became the Roman Catholic church, the Roman universal church, is what occurred through the seed of Constantine and beyond. That accord during the Nicene council that defined what it meant to believe in Jesus. And from there evolved into what it meant to be the Roman's Catholic that believed in Jesus.
A separate identity from what God meant and spoke of as pertained to ekklesia kath holos.
Your trolling has become rather one dimensional and monotonous. Maybe it's time to change things up. Make it interesting. A good troll knows when to try new tactics.


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Dec 16, 2016
rituals and traditions to supposedly "make ourselves right with G-d" are in error, Jesus paid the full price for each of us.


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Aug 13, 2014
Your trolling has become rather one dimensional and monotonous. Maybe it's time to change things up. Make it interesting. A good troll knows when to try new tactics.
Actually a good troll makes himself likeable. He makes friends. Then when he gets banned for the trollish things he says, there's a big outcry from many forum members over it.

A REALLY good troll... is hired by Russia to become a popular twitter user and foster divisiveness and cynicism in the USA, or hired to be a radio talk show host and foster the same things because it boosts ratings.


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Mar 12, 2015
By RCC do you mean the Catholic Church?
If so why do you misname it?

Jesus is God.
Mary is the mother of Jesus.
Therefore Mary is the mother of God.
Mary is not the mother of God. Mary is the mother of Jesus in in regards to His humanity. How can Mary be the mother of God when the Lord existed in heaven before He came in the flesh?

This does not mean Mary is older than God, or that she is the source of her Son’s divinity. She is the Mother of God in that she carried in her womb, and gave birth to, a divine person – Jesus Christ, God “in the flesh”
Again, how can Mary be the source of her Son's divinity when He existed as God with the Father from eternity? God used Mary as the vessel to bring Christ into the world as a human being. Regarding this, consider what Jesus said to the people:


Then Jesus declared, “How can it be said that the Christ is the Son of David? For David himself says in the book of Psalms:

‘The Lord said to my Lord,

“Sit at My right hand

until I make Your enemies

a footstool for Your feet.”’

Thus David calls Him ‘Lord.’ So how can He be David’s son?”


In other words, how can the Lord Jesus be David's Son, when king David calls Him Lord? The answer is because He existed as God in eternity prior to appearing in the flesh.

It was necessary for the Lord to become a human being so that He could represent us, i.e. be kinned to us, so that through faith in Him who lived a righteous life in the flesh could represent all those would believe in Him and by doing so be credited with His righteousness.

In the same way that through Adam all sinned which leads to separation from God and eternal damnation, likewise through faith in Christ we are credited with His righteousness and reconciled to God which leads to eternal life. This is so, because through our faith God sees us with the righteousness of Christ, even though we still have the sinful nature. When we sin and we confess our sins, God is looking at the righteousness of His Son which is always imputed to us. And Jesus is always speaking on our behalf, making intercession for those who believe in Him.


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Mar 12, 2015
On this site, in one thread, I have seen the following comments abot Catholics and the Catholic Church

"...the current Pope is trying very hard to meld with Islam because he sees the profit potential".

"...on this protestant site, where the Official stance is "Catholic is not Christian""

"The Catholic Church does deny both Father and Son ... and the adherents have no clue of such."

"...the Vatican is a structure meant to be imposing to fend off enemies…there is no truth to be had in that institution."

"Both the roman catholic church and islam are evil religions and not of God"

"... the Eastern Orthodox Church which had broken away from the evil roman cathoic cult"

Not one of these statements was supported by a shred of evidence.
The thread by the way was another piece of anti-Catholic bigotry - "muslim-religion-started-by-catholic-church"
By the way, the best answer for this is that, the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) is Babylon the great. She's the woman who rides the beast. The RCC and her future pope is going to be used to bring the world underneath the Roman Catholic Church. According to her, all other sects of Christianity should come under the authority of the RCC and the pope as supreme. Anyone who doesn't is heretical. Prior to the end of the eighteenth century, popes controlled kings and their armies throughout the centuries through the fear of excommunication. She lost that power from the beginning of the 19th century to the present. The RCC still considers her and her pope as supreme and has wanted to regain her power. Currently, she has no power to enforce her desired sovereignty. However, when that antichrist comes, through alliance with the pope and the RCC, she will regain her power as supreme backed up with force. I personally believe, that one of the future popes is going to play the part of that second beast in Revelation, i.e. the false prophet.

The Roman Catholic Church is woman who going to ride the beast

PS I would also point out that idolatrous Egyptian obelisk that sits out in the middle of saint Peter's square. She's advertising who she is.
Mar 5, 2020
Your trolling has become rather one dimensional and monotonous. Maybe it's time to change things up. Make it interesting. A good troll knows when to try new tactics.
A subhuman gives advice on proper trolling.

Get something straight. I'm not one of you! I've explained why I"m here. When you claim I'm a troll you're a liar! When you give advice on how to properly troll, you're telling me you are one speaking from experience.
And why wouldn't anyone know that when you call yourself a subhuman and then prove it by telling everyone you know how to troll properly!
When I had to look it up so as to find out a troll is something other than the little doll my daughter carried everywhere when she was a toddler.