Why do some men, specifically conservative men, dislike childless "cat ladies"?

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Dec 15, 2018
I have heard of cat cafe but have never been to one - there are a few around but mostly in cities.
Most of the time the cats there are ones who've been abandoned and they are given a home

the RSPCA was originally a Christian organization did you know? There is nothing wrong with showing love to Gods creatures..Noah rescued animals on the ark he wasnt in a dinghy all by himself.


Folksy yet erudite
Aug 13, 2014
"Cat cafe".... is that a thing? I guess I've led a sheltered life for the past almost 70 years.... I've never seen, or even heard of a cat cafe.
Maybe in SE Asia? I've heard stories.... :p
Sure! They are in almost all the major cities in the usa. A cat cafe is a great place to go if you can't keep your own cat, because of where you live or allergies or something, but you just need some fur therapy for a while.


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Feb 10, 2020
Any insight why? And specifically the connection to cats?

I actually find this disappointing as I consider myself politically conservative. Just yesterday evening, Tucker mocked the 60-year childless, which I found incredibly rude and tone deaf since many are childless due to infertility or circumstances. There are also other politicians like Gaetz, Vance, and Hawley who have made similar comments.

A lot of men do not like cats. Cats as associated with feminine qualities in terms of behavior, maybe that's why.
I'm completely conservative, a man, who is completely in love with my childless cat lady wife.


Much love!