ypur prayer time

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Hi ther all just thought if you want a few words for prayers take upon yourself to say these prayers.

Lord god flood my heart with the grace of your presence.Let me feel the peace of your assurance, confident that a miracle awaits me today, I am ready and claim it now.Thank you god.
God of infinite wisdom,I open my whole being to be penetrated by you now.May all my thinking reside in thebeauty of this oneness ,May all my choices rise and all my actions spring from it.
Dear god pour in me today as all of the resources I need kindle the kind of courage in my heartthat overcomes my fears.Deepen my faith, expand my capacity to love and broaden my horizonsfor what is possible in my life.
God of life and author of my fondest dreams,I open myself now to your pulsating presence I am willing that youinhabit my thoughts and guide my steps throughout the day.I am excited I am excited to experience the fullness of you at home in me.
God of wonders and miracles,I embrace your steadfast love, imagining it enfoldingand suffusingme now.I cling to your brilliat presence that guides me ever into a renewal of hope and a resurgence of the power that sets me free to become all you would have me to be.
Loving lord, I come to you today asking that you show me the way to be healed and made whole and free.
Shine your light to the depths of my soul, dissolving any darkness and revealing your goals for my life .Shine your liove on the wounds and scars,healing each one,Make me like new, a reflection of you and your love that know no bounds, shine the light of your life in my body, making it a spotless temple where your spirit dwells in freedom and fullness.Amen

I say in the name of lord jesus that the above prayers are heard by you as you are a loving lord and that those that us the prayers are guided by you and your love I say this in the name of jesus. amen
Well I hope if ther is any spelling errors you can work it out but I hope you enjoy using these prayers and stay tuned for more take care and god bless all.