Bee Propolis is a natural antibiotic

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New member
Oct 5, 2020
It is available even at Wal Mart. I’ve used it for many many things.


Active member
Sep 30, 2020
It’s good stuff. I used to get it in a very sticky gooey liquid resin but now it is watery and in a bottle with a dropper when I buy it at health shops. Not sure why. I found the thicker stuff much easier to use but not seen it for ages.

Occasionally people can have bad reactions but I don’t think it’s common.


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
a very good and informative post =
Hub and I kept bees for many years and for sure 'reaped the many benefits' from their arsenal!!!
their (((Royal Jelly))) is a natural medicine for many maladies, and can be obtained through
health food stored, and or the internet...