Positive Energy for Effective Healng

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Jun 9, 2021
Have you ever felt uncomfortable, tense or bothereds upon entering a room or place of business?
If so, you are probably picking up on the presence of negative energy.
It could be from thoughts-- either spoken or unspoken-- or actions by/ toward someone
who had been in that area. Even though nothing is visible, you may experience that sensation
and the gut feeling to " get away as fast as possible."

On the other hand, have you ever felt calm, peaceful and comfortable upon entering a space?
In fact, t feels so good that "you know" it's the right place to be.
You are probably experiencing the effect of positive energy on both emotional and energetic levels.

Knowledge that thoughts and energy empowers an individual to consciencly choose the most appropriate and
healthy response to an issue.
What we think about, or hold in mind, begins to manifest understanding that thoughts become words,
words become actions, actions become habits, habits become character and
character become destiny.

At any point, we can change our thoughts, which can affect how we handle a situation.


I have cleansed a fair few houses over the years that were "hunted" but they, that's another level of "frequencies" all together. Had seven years of having to deal with the occult because of a neigbor warlock who hated us because we were Christians and yes, and I can sense the demonic in the form of a chill in an area or a cold invisible cloud. These "entities" have also a frequency just like humans have and are directed/used by those in the occult. Scientists now can measure the magnetic field of the heart from seven meters away. Amazing.. and yes, being positive is key. Talking authority and nowing who you are in Him is most important.