Christian: Seeking True Followers. MUST be a believer in Christ. Need Fellowship. :)

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Senior Member
Nov 16, 2014
:D I seek the Lord's truths everyday, and sometimes I am overwhelmed with what I find. I don't pretend to know all the answers. It's impossible. People with Mental Disorders, the Mentally Challenged, Near Death Experiences, Aborted Babies....all still puzzle me. I'm aware we all have separate, individual obstacles. We all have different experiences. Some have kids to tend to, others wives and husbands, others-family problems, and troubles with work that take time and our time up. But self-educating and always seeking knowledge (with the Lord's guidance, of course), I believe is our responsibility. I will never understand Hell and it's consequences. A eternal punishment seems extremely harsh-I see this. But I don't write the rules, I just trust God. I realize people seem upset with His rules, but they are His to make. Simply put: Does the toy have the right to ask the Toy Maker why He made him a certain way--with certain limitations and restrictions? The toy might- and maybe it's even his right to?....but it is what it is. God is the Creator of all.......and I trust He knows what He is doing.


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Apr 29, 2012
Hello there and welcome! Yeah, there's so much that's hard to understand. But thank God, like you said, He knows what He's doing! :D Glad to have you here :)


Hey! Welcome to CC :)


Senior Member
Sep 6, 2014
Hello and welcome,I hope you enjoy it here. :)
Nov 5, 2013
God, the Creator, knows all about us and has our entire lives planned before we were even born. He is our guardian, our Father. He sets the rules in place and it is our responsibility to obey them, however harsh they may seem to be. His rules are given for a reason. Mere mortals know not the reason, but God does. What we can do is to read His word every day and pray to Him daily. He should be in our hearts all the time. I try and follow in Christ's steps every minute of every day. I am looking forward to my eternal home in heaven. Isn't that going to be wonderful? I think so. God Bless You.
Jun 16, 2013
Amen, well said! I hope that you find some wonderful fellowship here :)


Senior Member
Jan 22, 2013
Hello and welcome, delighted to have you here. God Bless.