Hey from across the globe (Israel)

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Hey to all!

I'm not new here but it's been at least over year since I've visited here.
My name is Nadav Marcus, I'm 21 from Israel. I'm an Israeli-American Jew. I have known Yeshua (Jesus) my whole like and I've given my life to him since 16, but you know it's not easy being a believer so in my eyes COMPLETELY devoting to the Lord is to live in the mountins where temetation can't reach you...

A bit about myself... I'm currently doing my time in the IDF (Israeli Defence Force). I'm a mechanic for the F-16i in the Air Force. The Air Force is apart of the Army, unlike in the US. The F-16i is an upgrade from the F-16D from Lockheed with better systems and more classified stuff I can't talk of here.
I'm on my way up to be a Crew Cheif. My job is to apply all maintance on the aircraft from the 1st degree and to insure the pilots are in good hands when they are in the air. During war and training, I'm on the tarmac and they are the last person they see before taking off for their mission.

I would love to talk and have penpals. I'm looking forward talking and getting to know you.

God bless you!

Jul 7, 2005
Hi ! i do believe i remember you , chatting in the room and we asked for you to share some pictures with us...from Israel...id still love to see em. happy to see u r back :)


Welcome to the board Nadav :)


Shalom...Welcome to CC....:D


Wow--how exciting! I would love to see pictures of Israel, too! :D


Senior Member
Apr 20, 2009
Welcome, God bless, pickles