hey guys

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Senior Member
Jan 15, 2017
Hello Soliyana, we are glad that you have joined us at Christian Chat and we hope that you find many friends and good fellowship here.

I certainly hope that you and your love ones there in China are safe from the virus. We look forward to chatting with you. May our heavenly father protect you from all harm. Welcome! :)


New member
Feb 28, 2020
Hey Isny, thanks for the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to making new friends in this platform.

Oh and I'm not Chinese. I just work and go to school there. I left China about two weeks ago. I'm back home all safe and sound. Thank God!


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Apr 22, 2010
Hello and Welcome to Christian Chat God Bless


Well-known member
Oct 23, 2018
Welcome to CC and nice to meet you. May God bless & keep you too! Hope you had a great birthday:cool:


May whoever who read this have a blessed and lovely day
Hey, Soliyana! Welcome to Christian Chat. Happy belated birthday by the way. I hope it was a good one. 🎉🎈🙂

You have a great favorite Bible verse listed and it gives me respect for you. (1 Corinthians 10:13) It shows me that you are serious about the evil of sin and confident that God will help you defeat it. 👍🏻 We are studying 1 Corinthians in a Bible study group I am in and we read chapter 5 this week. Wow! If only people took that passage to heart... Not in a heartless, unloving, critical, hypocritical way. But with a heart of love that holds God and sin in proper view and loves their brother or sister enough to warn them about habitual, unrepentant sin.

That may have been a little long and deep, but it was on my heart! I welcome you into our community here and hope that you are edified by your involvement.

Love to you in Christ! ❤️


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Feb 10, 2010
Hey Soliyana, welcome to ChristianChat. I hope and pray that you'll be as blessed by this site as I have been.


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Sep 28, 2019
May whoever who read this have a blessed and lovely day
Thank, you and may you have a very Blessed day as well.

I also wanted to say hi and Welcome to C.Chat😃!

May you find many hours of Enlightenment, Kindness, Wisdom many many Blessings , not least included is true Friendships...
If you need or want to talk to any of us, you can go to the Thread you want to get a hold of them/us at put the @ symbol in front of their/our names. Like this @Soliyana . This will flag the person you have said something with them in the conversation.
Hope this helps. And again, welcome to the Fun, Crazy, Enlighting and all around Chatty place.🤠 Enjoy!