I need help

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Junior Member
Apr 17, 2017
Hi, I’m new here. Hope you understand my english. I’m a young woman from Finland. I’ve had troubles with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and self-harm for years. This autumn I was in mental hospital and tried suicide and got strapped down couple of times. Jesus helped me to get through it but still even though the medication I’m not feeling well. Eating is hard and it’s getting worse. I moved back home from where I lived by myself for couple of months and the therapy etc will begin here. But there is a long waiting list and it can take months to get in. I’m registered too sick to work or study the rest of the year. I’m pretty much just watching netflix and petting my dog all the time. I would love to get in church’s events but I’m too anxious to go alone.

My boyfriend of 2,5 years has been a gift from god and supports me so much. A week ago he gave his life to Jesus and I’m trying to help him on this path. The problem is his father who is an ex-alcoholic and very strict about religion. He keeps telling him there is no one helping us and angels aren’t real. He of course hasn’t told his father about this and is really scared of his opinion. When we started dating he was doing nothing but his fathers will. I was so happy when I thought now I can go to church with him, but he’s still very shy about it and hasn’t told anyone. Today we talked about when we’re getting married, because I think that should be first, and then after that moving together. He hasn’t lived a christian life and has different opinions. I said we should follow the bible but it’s all so new for him. We haven’t had sex because I said i’m waiting until the marriage. But still as a young man he likes to touch me and i’ve said he should cool it down but he doesn’t understand why. It’s hard to explain because I’ve been taught to live like this and all this is new to him. He just gets sad and says “I’m sorry I’m not like your father.”

Please pray for my health and for us as an couple and if you have any advice, I’m listening. God bless you.❤️


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2014
Welcome to CC. This forum is only for introducing yourself. You'll get more answers if you put this into the Family forum, where the rest of these types of threads are.


Senior Member
Mar 10, 2017

Ei se haittaa mihin sä postat sinun ruokouspyyntö. Olet rohkea kuin kirjoittat niin reheellisesti. Ja sinun englannin kieli on erittäin hyvä- parempi kuin minun suomenkieli.

Olen jo vastanut toisella paikalla. Näähdän.


Senior Member
Apr 23, 2017
Welcome here you can discuss with bible smart people and possibly make new friends,hope you like it here!


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
I will certainly pray for your health and for your relationship as well. Many members have had similar issues that you have suffered with so please know that you're not alone. Hopefully, you will find comfort, support and understanding from the members of this site. Glad to have you as part of our family. Welcome to CC.
Oct 25, 2017
Hi!Daniii :)

It is nice to have you here :) welcome!

I'll just say a little bit about you and your boyfriend situation..you are right about not letting your boyfriend do the things only married couple will do. Stand firm with that :) it is hard but you can do it sister. About your boyfriend,just tell him patiently...how you both should behave while you are not married yet....I understand that you will have a hard time convincing him and be ready for the possibilities... You know what I mean...but stand strong you are doing right. Just continue to walk with God daily in the manner worthy of the LORD JESUS ❤

I will pray for you , your boyfriend and your health :)

God bless you ❤ See you around ❤


Senior Member
Jan 28, 2013
Your making good decisions with your friend. You should confront Him about facing his father with his faith when he is to sexualy intent on taking advantage and reprove him for saying he dosent understand. You need to be furm and ge tle but concetrate on firm as gentle comes naturaly. This will help your depresion. Pray together leading in a time to wait on the Lord together for him to yeald his sexual desire in a waiting time to God: Leting go and letting God, congradulation on making good choises. Consider being with him to face his father.
Jan 25, 2017
Hi- welcome to the group.
Congratulations! You have made the right decision to wait for sex. I found an article that you can share to your boyfriend. According to this article, in addition to the risk of contracting STDs and AIDS or getting pregnant, premarital sex leads to emotional distress, distrust, regret and emptiness. That's because sex connects two people in body and spirit; it's impossible to separate the two.
I hope you will get better soon from depression and anxiety. I pray for healing in Jesus name! Please update us, we care for you.


Senior Member
Nov 28, 2014
Will pray for you sister.Be strong .Welcome and God bless you


Junior Member
Nov 14, 2017
Keep the faith, and all will be well for you and your partner.....trust in the Lord