We the children of God no longer need to sin. If we knowing choose to sin, my we lose

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Jan 19, 2011
Jesus has taken our sinful beings away, died on the cross with Jesus Christ. We were given new bodies no longer having the desire to sin. If we sin now, it is because we choose to do so.
Think about it, do you not think about the sin you are about to commit before you do it? I know I am very aware that I am about to do something my Father would not approve of. I guess I sort of weigh the consiquences, figuring quickly thatmy Father may be disapointed in me but He will forgive me, I proceed. .

I wonder, does He have a limit as a father?what would yours be. How many times do you forgive before you are fed up with another person? I know, one says 777, is this the true limit? Have we passed it? I think we should not test our Father? Amen? "God give us the power to resist temptations, and lead us not into evil," This I ask in Jesus Christ Holy Name. AMEN
bro gary
May your life be short of temptations and long on blessings


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Apr 23, 2017
Re: We the children of God no longer need to sin. If we knowing choose to sin, my we

hello I see that you are a member from back in 2011,Welcome back,in case you may have forgot,here you can discuss with bible smart people and possibly make new friends, hope you like it here!


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Jul 3, 2015
Re: We the children of God no longer need to sin. If we knowing choose to sin, my we

Hello sinnomorePTL, welcome to CC! I hope you enjoy your time with us :)

I think it says seventy times seven which is 490
but I believe the idea is to not count at all :D