Bimonthly prayer request for India

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Jan 13, 2014
Please pray for the upcoming election in India(please note the dates). State elections and Lok Sabha(Prime ministerial) elections as below. Please pray that no party which opposes the Kingdom of God/churches may come to power

S.No State Term Completing on Election Proposed in month No. of Seats
2 MIZORAM 15.12.2018 Oct-Nov-2018 40
3 RAJASTHAN 20.01.2019 Dec -2018 200
4 CHHATTISGARH 05.01.2019 Nov -Dec 2018 90
5 MADHYA PRADESH 07.01.2019 Nov -Dec 2018 230

Main Lok Sabha elections as below.
S.No Elections Term Completing on Election Proposed in month No. of Seats
1 LOK SABHA 03.06.2019 Apr-May 2019 543+2

Please pray for India. We pray for the believers in India, that more and more people come to the Lord , be filled by the Holy spirit and find salvation. That the believers may be in fire to spread the gospel, and work towards the expansion in the Kingdom of God. That God may bring many out of poverty and distress and give them his peace by his Holy spirit.

That new churches may be established, and all forces that work against the Kingdom of God (including governments)through their plans to spread hatred and with plans to destroy India, including believers with his people may be defeated. God may confound the schemes(including EVM tampering and divide and rule, usage of money power gained through corrupt means) and witchcraft of these evil forces and let the church flourish in India. Let a good government which is less corrupt and is not opposed to the Kingdom of God and which shows concern to the poor and welfare of common citizens may come.Amen


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Lord bless this bi- monthly prayer request for India, yes Lord. In Jesus name, Amen!


Well-known member
Jul 10, 2018
I’m standing with you in praying for India – elections, people, churches, leaders etc. blessings to you, friend.


Senior Member
Mar 30, 2018
Agreeing in Jesus name for the prayer requests here. Will be praying through the elections. Please pray for Brexit in UK too, UK needs prayers also please, Thankyou 🌸

May people living in India be blessed with every spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus, through Christ Jesus.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, pray Your Holy Spirit restrains the darkness and evil. Pray You pour out Your Holy Spirit upon people in India. Dear Jesus, please keep your people in India Strong, bold, gentle, doing justice, loving mercy, walking humbly with You, wise yet innocent, set apart, perseververing, strengthened by Your Spirit, praying in Your Spirit, reading The Word, sharing The Gospel of Christ, being helped and guided.. by Holy Spirit, provided for, helped and matured in Christ Jesus. May the Indian believers keep an Eternal perspective, keeping hold of the promises from You ABBA, and the Hope laid up in Heaven for them. God Bless India in Christ Jesus with many souls being delivered, atoned for, set free, set apart, forgiven, reconciled to God, full of Joy, safe in The Fathers hand 🕊
I believe Lord Jesus You can do all things. ThankYou so much