Crisis in office

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Jun 18, 2013
Dear Prayer Warriors,
Please refer to my previous prayer request.

The project which I got in which they agreed to stay 3 months in Bangalore and then come back in Delhi. Now they have turned away from that, and saying that I move for 2 weeks on 27 August to Bangalore for KT(Knowledge Transfer) and then come back to Delhi and seek a permanent transfer to Bangalore after that. You know that will put in jeopardy my obligations to family which is in Delhi.

I will try this week to talk to other managers in Delhi to get a new project in Delhi. Please pray for that.

I will also try to Negotiate when I go for 2 weeks to get flexibility to Work from Delhi.

Please pray for Wisdom from God and his leading in this situation, and also that finally his will be done.

Regards Cinu


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Father God, we together pray for thespiritoftruth, let him be accomodated in the delhi project, let him not be send to Bangalore. Lord as he talks, to other managers, let them have favour upon thespiritoftruth, understand his situation and help him to be in the Delhi project. Lord, remove the worriness, bless with your knowledge and wisdom to deal with the managers. Lord please work in this situation, and bless thespiritoftruth. In Jesus loving name, Amen!


Father God please continue to enlighten and guide,spirit of truth through tough time,and your will be done in their life,in Jesus's holy name I humbly pray,AMEN.


Senior Member
Jul 26, 2017
I have prayed for you, Cinu. God Bless you.
Jun 18, 2013
Dear Prayer Warriors,
Thanks for your prayers. There has been one response from one of the Delhi managers and I have been following on that, pray for that. Finally let the Lord'w will be done. God bless you all.