In need of a special prayer

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Junior Member
Dec 13, 2017
Hi my name is Deanna I’m currently 27 years old Ima single mother of two blessings from the lord , I currently work at a senior citizen Christian facility , I love this place but I want to help more , more people in more ways and help my home financially, I don’t wanna live pay check to pay check anymore struggling , so I’m going to take a step into a lvn career , may I add I also take care of my two elder relatives my aunt and uncle , I was raised by my uncle and grandma .. so my respect and passion is here with the elders , I want to do God’s work and help people in every way I can , sad to say though , I didn’t finish high school due to the poor choices in life , but I’m in the present now , and I’m going to take a few test in order to get into this school the latest date I can sign up for is March 27th , so I have to pass a high school equivalency before that date , so my first prayer request is that God gives me a mind of comprehension to understand everything of basic education to pass these test just so I can get in the school yes I will do the foot work but I need His help from the Holy Spirit , my second prayer request means a lot to me , and I feel the need to share now I’m a overnight worker here as a caregiver , as I said I have two blessings from the lord ,a boy 8 his name is Emmanuel and girl 7 her name is Tiffany , I love they’re life , I’m doing this for them too , but I need to trust the lord that when I go to school cause I will be a full time student and worker so that’s lost time from the children I pray that He protects them I trust him along this journey and He stops all evil any hand coming they’re way .. I need to trust you 100% lord , I don’t wanna be paranoid and discouraged , I want to be okay , I know they’ll be in good hands and I pray it stays that way , good thing this lvn program is 13 months only which starts in August if lord willing I get in the school , it’s going to be tough on me , I need to do this for them myself and first and foremost God , helping people and saving people is His work and I want to pursue it , so please everyone who’s eyes come in contact with these words please pray for me and lord hear my plea hear the desires of my heart protect my children , and give me the strength and courage to move forward and out of the cycle of disfunctional ways of what I was taught from my family break these chains lord , help me give my children a better life than I had and let me help lives , in Jesus precious name I pray amen


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Lord please bless Deezybee in this matter yes Lord. In Jesus name, Amen!


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
if it's going to work, your children MUST come first, as far as their protection and being
cared for by someone who is completely TRUST-WORTHY -

we applaud you for going for your GED, as I got mine in my 40's, without a lick of algebra,
I had to go to work at 15, and support myself a few months later, until I got married at 22...
luckily for me, my now hub used to be a math tutor for a while in his journey, and taught me just
enough in a very few weeks, enough to pass...

allow Jesus to dictate your priorities and not your emotions, for nothing can replace a parent's Love
and guidance for a child...never trust a stranger, unless you get a direct confirmation from Jesus...
prayers sent...


Senior Member
Mar 9, 2014
Praying God grants your requests according to His will.


Senior Member
Dec 17, 2011
He who pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity, and honor.


Junior Member
Jan 10, 2017
Father, please heed Deanna's prayer. Give her wisdom to retain the knowledge needed to pass the basic education exam. Guide her path to nursing school as so strives to provide a better life for her blessings and herself. Protect her children while she studies, provide a safe haven for them all. Bring those who need a touch from you across her path so she can share your love with them. These things we ask in Jesus name, Amen.