Living in the last days

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Jul 24, 2019
Today at around 5pm, a group of soldiers break into a church, killed the pastor and 22 members who ran into the church for safety. We also here a mother of four poison herself and her 4 children because of hunger. I have many of such stories that has made me not to feel anything when I see a corpse or when I see blood. Since 2016, I have seen fresh corpses, people who died, decomposed and get dry again. I have see corpses that were eaten by dogs. Corpses in advanced state of decomposition just to name a few. I have seen soldiers rapping girls in front of their parents. After rapping they will kill them and the government say nothing. Husbands committing suicide because their wife and children were rapped before them. Am living in a word where if someone angers you, kill the person and nobody, no law will punish you.

Recently, the COVID-19 has made almost all governments including the Cameroon government to close churches, schools, markets and any other gathering of more than 10. The only time in life that the world is preaching the notion " United well fall, divided we stay". Visit has been ban and terrorism legally. It was it 2016 a president openly declared war of southern Cameroonian. Many have spoken against it but did nothing. I remember many embassies evacuating it citizens from this part of the country and the people here are lift to die. Am living in a country where the government has refused to issue international passport to some people and nobody is saying anything. Am in a country where you are arrested for speaking English where English is an official language. I live is a country where job are not offered to people who speaks English. Where a minister will describe it people as two cubes of sugar in a basin of water or a governor calling the people dogs.

There is a drastic decline of morality and spirituality in the world today. Imagine a society like mine that churches have been close for months. Schools will be open in June 1st, bars and nightclubs are open but the house of God remain locked.

Dear people of God, while you pray for us and if you can render us help, remember the great tribulation. Remember to uphold you spiritual life so that you will not go through such torment. What is happening her is nothing compared to what we will go through if we are caught up in the great tribulation. It cost us nothing to doing the will of God, go his ways and live to enjoy everlasting live.

May God bless you



Senior Member
Sep 17, 2014
Lord, have mercy, and hear our brother's plea. We continue to lift up Your children in their part of the world, trusting that You are God alone, capable of doing what You promised. Be the Protector, Tower, Refuge, Provider, Helper, and Healer of this brother and his family. We call upon Your name, as You send Your angels around them, and others calling upon Your name.

Blessed be Your mighty name, Adonai!


Junior Member
Mar 14, 2016
Prayed for you and your country brother.


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Lord bless Lloydmuh, and this prayer request, let you please take control of Lloydmuh's country. Let the power of darkness come down and let things change and every citizens there come to know and worship you. Lord bless this prayer request, in Jesus Holy name, Amen!