lord shiva

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Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Friends, in India people are celebrating lord shiva.
pray that these people know Lord Jesus and worship him. 768px-02_Mahashivratree_festival.jpg


Friends, in India people are celebrating lord shiva.
pray that these people know Lord Jesus and worship him.
Hello again levi85, do you feel offended by other cultures beliefs, I must admit that it does make me feel a little strange.
How do you think the apostles dealt with idols.


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2017
Hi, I pray for the people of India sometimes. All is not lost, God loves your people and will triumph over idols. India is not the only region to have A problem with idolatry. All of mankind has roots in this sin. There are some strongholds there but God can reach people in their hearts.

Remember Daniel and his prayer for Israel. (They kept falling back in to idolatry) You can stand in the gap for your own people just like Daniel did for Israel. We KNOW that in heaven there will be people from every tribe, nation and language. Your prayers will not be in vain.
The Lord God Bless you in the name of Jesus.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2014
I pray that all in India as well as the rest of the world come to know, love and serve the Lord.
Nov 17, 2017
Hab 2:18 ​​​​​​​What good is an idol? Why would a craftsman make it? ​​​​​​What good is a metal image that gives misleading oracles? ​​​​​​Why would its creator place his trust in it ​​​​​​and make such mute, worthless things?
Hab 2:19 ​​​​​​​The one who says to wood, ‘Wake up!’ is as good as dead – ​​​​​​he who says to speechless stone, ‘Awake!’ ​​​​​​Can it give reliable guidance? ​​​​​​It is overlaid with gold and silver; ​​​​​​it has no life’s breath inside it.
Hab 2:20 ​​​​​​​But the LORD is in his majestic palace. ​​​​​​The whole earth is speechless in his presence!”


Lord please heal the people of India so they would come to repentance and worship you only.