Lumbar Languish

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I thought I was getting to the point of needing a hip replacement, but it went quickly. Nope. Nothing wrong with my hip. (If only I can get it to believe that.) My lumbar has gone bad. (L4 if anyone is into that stuff.)

I can't sit long, and I love sitting. I have to get up between every five minutes to 15 minutes. Two pain doctors already for my bad back. I had an appointment with one on Monday, and he can only suggest shots or surgery. (He does shots. Only reason he's in business.) Shots have only helped me for one day or made me feel like someone hit me in the back with a 2 X 4 for three days without reducing original pain even a little, so never again am I spending $400 for something that ineffective, and I've never known anyone (who wasn't in their 30s or younger) helped by surgery.

Other pain doctor is out for the week, and I was already scheduled to see her next Wednesday. This is crazy pain levels, so please pray. For what? No idea, because not doing surgery or shots, but need something to change.

Worse yet, because it does feel like my hip, all the stuff I've been doing with my leg to lessen the pain has made that sore on its own, and my back sorer.


I have an inversion table, and I'd be lost without it. Sitting up to 4 hours a day at the computer typing, my already bad back has been giving me fits, and the inversion table makes it tolerable if I invert twice a day, morning and evening.


Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
Prayers for your pain to decrease and for healing in your lumbar. Have you visited a chiropractor or physical therapist?


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Father God we pray for Depleted , let the pain leave her and hip be healed, yes Lord please heal Depleted, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
Oct 19, 2016
I’m so sorry to hear about your health condition, friend. Wish I could give you a hug. I know how difficult and frustrating it must be for you to go through so much pain. I just said a prayer for you, asking the Lord to touch you with His healing hands and surround you with His strength and peace. May He prove Himself your healer and sustainer in many tangible ways. Hugs to you!
Sep 9, 2017
Oh dear Depleted, hope you feel better now.
I know how painful it could be. I suffered from lumber(L4 and L5) problems 5 years ago, It's so painful that I could not get a sleep longer than an hour every night. I had to do a surgery then. Just as you said, the surgery is good for 30s, so I'm ok now. If your are not able to do a surgery because of your health condition, maybe a physical theraphy could help, but it will take a long peried to make some significant progress. My friend who had a hip problem for decades got a replacement 2 years ago at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. He looks really good now. Everybody has different health condition, so I think it may be helpful to ask more doctors for advices.
May God heal you.


Senior Member
Jul 15, 2014
Lord, I pray for relief for Lynn. Help her to endure until she sees your hand in this, and give her wisdom to make the right choices.



Prayer works. I got out an old bag of quilt batting and have been using it as lumbar support.

I was good during the day. It was night and morning that was killing me. Now it's down to a dull roar. You know that feeling you get in your lower back after a full day of heavy labor? Yeah! Down to that level. And, whew! It feels good!

Thanks. I'm not nuts. I will ask Pain Doctor what to do for this the next time, but whew! This feels better.

Thank you, Lord! You know I'm a pain wuss, so thank you so much.