Please pray for the mom of an infant

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I know I don't come on cc often, or ever, but I have a giant prayer request and I would appreciate it if you guys would consider it in your prayers.

Yesterday morning at 9 AM I was at work (I work at a daycare center) when a commotion outside caused my boss and some of my coworkers to run out of another classroom into the hallway near my room and yell "CALL 911!!!!" I panicked but could not leave my classroom due to having to maintain teacher/student ratios. I had some assumptions as to what could've happened - I heard a baby crying, shouting, frantic 911 calls. Since this was near the kitchen area, I assumed a baby had gotten out of the infant room, crawled into the kitchen, maybe burned himself or eaten something small and choked or maybe crawled into the dishwasher or something. A few seconds later someone flies into my room and says, "we need you to do cpr, go!!!!!!" (I had just taken a CPR class along with some of my coworkers). So I run out, expecting to see a child on the floor, but instead I see the mom of an infant (whom I have had conversations with) on the floor on her back, eyes and mouth open, staring at the ceiling. Her skin was blue and green, and I thought she was dead. My boss was doing CPR, and as we learned in the CPR class, every 2 minutes someone else has to do it so that the compressions are forceful. I relieve my boss and begin to do the compressions, blowing air into her mouth until paramedics arrive with the AED and begin shocking her. I was shaking very badly afterwards and have not been able to get her nightmarish face out of my mind. It was like something out of a horror movie that you never expect you'd see in real life. I cannot begin to describe the feeling of desperation I felt at the time, doing compressions and hoping she's going to sit up any minute now and tell me she's fine. But the paramedics took her away, saying it was very serious. She is 31 years old. Please keep her in your prayers, I can't function until I know some updates on her condition. It may have been a heart attack, I don't know. She looked OK when she dropped off her oldest son in another classroom, had a conversation with his teacher, and was on her way to drop off her infant in a car seat when it happened. The baby was crying because she had dropped the car seat on the floor when she went down. It's so awful I can't even explain :/ I appreciate your prayers.


Fast and Pray if possible.
i have seen death face to face..

The disturbances you face are in your soul.
you just need to calm down so doesn't get into anything more trouble some like panic attack.
That experience you had trying to revive the person might be God teaching you something.

will be Praying anyways..for her(hope its not late) and you...


Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
I read and reread the post, your call for prayer.
Please be comforted in knowing that more people pray than reply in these matters.
I hope the recovery is good and that God get's the praise.
I know fixating on a recurring episode is tiresome and can make you want to vomit at times.
"Lord, I pray for Skittles, that you will uproot the scary images in her mind and plant peace and hope and rest. Thank you for her concern for the mother and infant. Be with them, too. Amen."


I just prayed, I hope all is well.


Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
Lord, I am praying for complete healing for this woman and peace for skittles_26. Thank You that You always hear our prayer. In Christ's Name, Amen.

Is. 53:5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.


Senior Member
Apr 20, 2009
Setting this mom and her family before God in Jesus's name for all help and healing, with praise and thanksgiving.

God bless


Thank you for your prayers, she is going to be okay! She came out of her coma and had surgery to have a defibrillator put in her heart. Doctors say she is fine physically and mentally and CPR was exactly what she needed :)


thank You God!!!! my heart was beating so fast when i read this it upset me i was hoping everything would turn out good. So sad and only 31 and the poor infant falling down too...that wouldve been so scarey n nerve racking...ive seen death face to face as well...dealt with seeing other people dying in nursing homes...i dont think i would make a good be too strung out yikes!!