Prayer for our missionaries

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Senior Member
Sep 17, 2014
For those who have the desire to pray and have some time to spare:
Prayer Points for our 23 Missionaries (in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, China, UAE, Singapore, S. Korea, Italy, Canada.. Thank you!

 Visa application and approval

 Wedding preparations
 Clear ministry direction after the wedding

 Protection as their school will
soon open face to face classes.

 Provision for visas. Praise God
for some who gave, but needed amount still not raised.

 Mother’s (90 yrs old) health and medications

 For their Faith House children
to return safely from Christmas break

 Praises for God’s provision and
sustenance through love gifts, and husband's job

 Praise God that on Dec 23, results of husband’s PET/CT scan
showed no metastasis nor cancer cell!

 Pray for them as they have been away from each other for
a year now because of Ptr.’s health issues causing
him to come home for treatment

 Praise God for people they led
to water baptism while on lock down in La Union

 Pray for their daughter’s schooling and needs with
School of Tomorrow, Grade 6

 Pray for their eldest (18),
for his application at medical schools in the US

 Pray for travel back to South Korea on January 21

 Pray that for this year her team will be able to start a church
among the locals/nationals and other UPGs in the land

 Thanking God for the privilege of being part in training kids
and young people and also mentoring 7 young professionals

 Healing of back pain and
swelling and numbness of right foot

 Long-term pass/visa for Singapore

 Good health of everyone in
our family, especially our parents

– Pray for discernment re field assignment

- Pray for comfort for the family over the
death of Ptr.’s father

– Pray for her as she leads the growing group in Cisterna di Latina in
Italy; pray for continuous evangelism

– Pray for a strong witness among the Buddhists
through the ministry of their school and church

– Pray for their safety as Toronto has
been placed on lockdown due to rise in Covid cases


Well-known member
Aug 31, 2020
Praying certainly for those who have answered the call to the Mission Field. One of the most dangerous callings within the Faith! May God provide for, protect, and guide them one and all.