Prayers for Encouragement and Provision

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Sep 18, 2015
It’s been pretty rough for me these days. Been slammed with pain and discouragement all around me. Work has been a nightmare. I had customers yelling at me and freaking out left and right. Now I don’t want to lose sight of the God moments I had. Some customers complimented me, telling me how kind and tender/gentle I was (I’m a Phlebotomist), at it reminded and encouragement me that God still knows and see me.
I just want to do wha God wants me to do and it’s been so hard because the things He is leading me to do I feel Im always getting set back, sick, finances, work. I wish I could just quit my job, not go back to just any job but one where I can be free to do whatever the Lord calls me to do that day! Meet people, show them God’s love through me and serve where He wants me to serve. And I’ve been doing that for so long and the last few years have been like throwing pearls in the mud. Talents and time wasted on literally nothing. When people don’t want to make time for God and his family and you do, there’s only so much you can do alone…I got burnt out.
There is this conference coming up next month. I only recently found out about it but I believe the Lord calling me to go but my work hasn’t approved the time off/switching dates so I can’t buy the tickets yet. And actually getting to the conference by plane or car will also be something to figure out because of personal finances (expensive to fly) and family shared car situation. I had a dream the other night that the Lord basically told me to just claim what He has for me and not worry how it’s going to work out.
I’ve been struggling so hard and for so long the past few years. Holding on to His truth and promises I have to fight for not just everyday but sometimes every minute and every hour. It’s because I know they are true that I fight to cling to them when every part of me is crying in pain and the echoing lies drowned out even my own tears.
So this prayer request is for courage to just claim His promises (not the circumstantial, physical, things, but His truth and promises in His word) and that if this conference is truly meant for me to attend that I can claim it and not even think twice about how or if it will happen and work out. That God will not only take care of it but send someone to take care of me through it.
That the pain will not only go away but to be truly healed and the path made known and made clear for me to do what he wants me to do! To have courage and faith in this season of such discouragement!


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Jul 3, 2015

Romans 15:13 :)


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Feb 9, 2019
R6480c71cf137f403fbc70e4d66155be9 - Copy.jpg

"I pray a spiritual awakening comes upon this life before us."
'Praise God'


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Jul 20, 2021
Mesa, AZ
Ugh... I am not going through what you are, but some aspects of it resonated a bit.

I cannot advise you specifically, but I will pray tonight that God provides what you need, creates opportunities for you, and maybe whatever else comes to mind.


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Mar 13, 2014
You wrote a very sad story. Whether you claim the promises or not for some reason God will still provide these promises and more. I understand about pain and discouragement and will pray for God to remove the source of the pain and to allow you to feel His blessed assured hope that this too shall pass. Yes, will pray for the Holy Spirit to make it clear to you what path to take. The struggle is real. God bless you.