Prayers for major life change please

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Feb 4, 2012
Hi my name is Sophie. I've recently come out of a patch in my life in which I have made quite a few mistakes, that have consequently brought me away from God - and it is only now that I have realised the importance of coming back to him and am therefore trying to make big changes in my life. The majority of my mistakes revolved around the non-Christian boy that I dated and recently broke up with after a 14 month relationship. I am 16 and going through the last year of my GCSE's exams, which is becoming difficult as I am experiencing exam pressure, the dealing of a relationship loss of which I was very emotionally attached and consequent loss of many "friends". I am so happy to have come back to God and I really do love him more than anything and want to please him, but feel as though I'm failing at the moment because I am not too sure how to deal with certain situations. I would appreciate all prayers, but would also like for an older teen girl or older woman to email me if they have been through a similar situation to mine and therefore if you could please support me and give me some advice on how to go about dealing with the loss of a boyfriend and the repentance I need to make for the mistakes I had made whilst in that relationship.
Hope to hear from you soon,
God Bless,
Sophie x


Senior Member
Feb 27, 2011
Father bless Sophie, give her wisdom in this situation, let her know you have better plans for her and that you correct whom you love
Lord take this pain out of her heart and fill it with your joy, let this only make her stronger
In Jesus name amen


Senior Member
Aug 3, 2011
Father You know her heart and mind, bring her back into alignment with your plans for her life, Give her the strength and insight
she will need. Put people in her life to help lead and direct her in love and truth. In Jesus Name, Amen
Oct 20, 2011
Dear lord please comfort her and guide her footsteps. Amen


Senior Member
Jan 28, 2011
I will pray for you. God bless


Senior Member
Apr 20, 2009
Praying in Jesus Christ is Lord for all you ask and that Jesus will fill you and delight you with His perfect love.

God bless