Prayers for my Aunt

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Junior Member
Aug 26, 2014
Can I get prayers for my Aunt?

I confronted her tonight through text and kept it short and simple. I am a very quiet and introverted person so I know it carries weight.

My grandmother closed on a town home thursday or friday night, she needs somewhere that she can live out her re imagined last years as my grandfather passed away a year and a half ago. The last few years weren't positive and my grandmother was always oppressed. In the text to my aunt I said that my grandmother needed time to reflect on the past 20 or so years she had at "the farm" and also said that she need's her independence and enjoys time to herself.

My aunt got up in arms and attempted to argue over the matter and I said that I told her all I needed to. The thing is my aunt has been at my grandma's house ever since the closing and is in some ways forcing her to move out because she want's to move in to that house. It is a very selfish move as my grandma said she just want's to take it slow and we offered to move anything when ever she had a place for it in the new home. Yet my Aunt hasn't left since last week. I know this bothers my grandmother because I visit her regularly, not as much as I'd like, and through the grieving process of losing my grandfather she confessed to actually enjoying being by herself.

So my initial text was "grandma needs her independence and enjoys time to herself". She responded "what are you saying?" My reply was the whole bit about taking time and reflecting on the past 20 years. This was followed by self justification and attempts at provocation. I didn't engage.

Now I'm concerned with my Aunt's well being as I never speak up and I know she is in an introspective moment right now. I mean no ill will, but someone has to stand up for my grandmother, who I hold in great esteem.


Junior Member
Aug 26, 2014
Also, can I get prayers for myself and my family? I'm mostly going off information from my mother and father which have a ton of bad blood with both of my Aunt's. I rarely look poorly on others however a few weeks ago my other Aunt was in town for a couple weeks and while I was working on my Grandmothers air conditioner I heard my Aunt being a real "B" upstairs telling my grandma how to cook. I almost got angry and kept fighting it off telling myself that this was nothing and I didn't understand the situation however my father who was there with me made a comment after leaving about it and I couldn't help but acknowledge it. The main thing my grandmother has done since any of her kids were born was provide a meal for the family. My instinct was correct and she was just being a controlling you know what.

Sorry........ I started this reply wanting to be humble and simply justified myself.

I guess what I'm looking for is wisdom for everyone involved here, my grandmother has an untold number of years left and I hate to admit it but my two Aunt's are rather self centered.

Once my grandmother passes we will literally have nothing to do with either side of the extended family, and that I completely agree with, so much manipulation. The way I look at it is best described in one recent situation. My mother was going to take my grandmother shopping for new furniture, my mother asked her questions about what she wants and my aunt's told her what to get. In the end they got nothing. I think that sum's it all up.

I know this is all petty however I want my grandmothers last years to be the best they can be.


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Lord we bring this prayer to you, let you please bless protek, aunt and this prayer. yes Lord in Jesus precious name, Amen!


Well-known member
Jul 10, 2018
Hello, there. Your love and concern for your grandmother is very evident in what you shared with us. I’m praying that God will surround her with His love, comfort and provide for all her needs in the days ahead. May He intervene in this situation, bless your family in a special way and give you wisdom as you trust in Him.
Jun 18, 2013
Lord we pray for Protek Aunt and family. Help them to take the right decisions. Bless them with thy love. In thy precious name.Amen