Prayers for the 27 million men, women and children who are caught up in slavery

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Hi all,
I thought I would start a thread on behalf of all those stuck in human trafficking.
There are 27 million people worldwide who lead horrendous lives.They have been sold into slavery and have no way of escape unless God intervenes.
The human trafficker evade the law by bribing corrupt officials in the countries they reside in and threaten victims families with violence and even death should they try and intervene.
The victims are often drugged , raped and then beaten into submission so that they will do the will of the traffickers.
They are kept under the radar as they are carted from city to city under the cover of night so that they will not be identified.
What the victims suffer must be beyond the most horrific nightmare.They are degraded, stripped of dignity and often contract STD's.
Because of the complicit law officials and because they are so hard to detect ....the traffickers are very rarely caught.Maybe only 1 or 2 percent of them.Often the maximum penalty they get is something like 10 years in prison. They should get the maximum penaylty ...but often they dont.So lets pray for traffickers and victims alike

I will start:

Dear Lord,

You call us to uphold the cause of those who are helpless and oppressed.WE ask you now that you will be at work setting all those caught in this web free.WE ask for deliverance, healing and salvation itself for these victims.
We pray for justice and that the perpetrators will be caught and bound.WE pray that you will protect future victims and that you will use agencies who work for the freedom of these slaves in powerful ways to set them free.
Please root out corrupt officials from executive branches of legal systems.
most of all we pray fro salvation of slaves and traffickers alike.
Please perform miracles for people you died for and who bear your image.
For their good and your everlasting glory,

In Jesus mighty name,
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Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Father God, we agree, with this prayer, and pray together, Let you please save these people from slavery, let you work in their lives, and you be glorified. Lord please bless this prayer, in Jesus loving name, Amen!


Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
Thank You, Mooky,

for being a champion for the oppressed and enslaved!

we must all remember to remember them in our prayers and to always remember
where Jesus has brought us from and where we could have ended-up, but for His Grace...


Senior Member
Jul 22, 2012
Amen .....


The Lord has been answering our prayers miraculously!Praise be to God forever! Check out the following video:



Senior Member
Feb 28, 2016
TY, Mooky,

our country is mostly in denial about this subject...but it is no wonder, since the u.s.a.
is rated as the #1 country of the 'human-trafficking' center in the world...

with the vast amount of 'churches': we have read, about 32,000 denominations, any sane
person would just think that this would 'never' be a problem, especially HERE...