Severely Depressed Husband

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My husband has denounced his faith in God because of someone else's actions. Now he's severely depressed, and gets mad at me if I make one mistake. He won't seek help, because he's a former counsellor, himself. Please, I need prayer for my husband's depression, his soul, and our marriage. He threatened to leave when I messed up on a game. I feel so alone, because I can't show I'm a Christian anymore at home, or he gets angry.


Heavenly Father I pray for the Holy Spirit to re kindly the love in this husband life and that he will realize that our God is the same God today that he was 6000 years ago,and that our God don't make any mistakes. He is a Holy God and a loving God. He is the great I am.


Lord Jesus i give you praise on behalf of my sisters husband OOO Lord mercy give him your merciful love Jesus with your compassion probe his heart to release bitterness and unforgiveness i plead your mercy and power to help him stop swallowing this bitterness and poison it will only kill him save and restore Jesus this precious man.


My pastor is in the middle of a series addressing this. I'm so sorry you are going through this. Covering you in prayers.


Senior Member
Mar 9, 2011
Prov31, I'm honestly at a loss for words for you. I just feel so much compassion for you. This is very much how my issues with my husband started. All I can say is keep your eyes on Jesus. It's nearly impossible, but do your best. Don't stop being who you are because of your husband. My husband never outright denounced his faith, but he left the church, stopped talking to any of his friends, locked away all his seminary books, threw his bible under the bed, and would get mad if I mentioned prayed or counseling. He became very depressed and then very violent to the point that I really feared for my life and so did my friends and his family. This all came about because of someone else's actions also. Prov31, I am praying out of my own pain because I remember that fear and confusion. Remember that you are not alone and you do have a choice.
Father, Come now and pour out your spirit in this household. Holy Spirit, reign and speak. Wash over the pain in both if their lives. Heal Jesus! Mend the broken relationship. Stitch back together where the enemy has torn apart. Lord your spirit is our comfort and counselor. Holy Spirit comfort these people. Make their paths straight. Determine their steps and allow then to walk steadily. Father, for this husband, bring him to his knees. Remove the pride that says "I don't need/want help." Lord, speak to him and let him have ears to hear your words. Mighty warrior, protect this woman physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Be a shield about her that her travels would be safe, that se would be guided in all her errands, and that she would be conscious of her surroundings. Jesus, grant her a shield of faith that comes from the rhema word of God. Speak to her that she may have a weapon to throw in the enemies face as he attacks. Holy Spirit, deepen her during this time. Do not allow the enemy to shake, uproot, damage, or prune away at his own will. You are control this situation. You plant her firmly. You do the prunin the needs to be done... Just enough and no more. Oh Jesus, we cry out to you.


Ill pray for you tonight.


Senior Member
Feb 27, 2011
Could it be the Lord is opening another door for his ministry? Lord thank you for restoration and guidance and for
removing this depression and guilt and turning it around for a good report, in Jesus name


Senior Member
Oct 27, 2012
Father I lift my dear sister in Christ before you, Give her the strength she needs as she goes through this, give her wisdom and knowledge Father. Bring alongside her persons who will encourage her and pray with her. I also lift up her husband Father, heal his hurts or whatever has caused him this distress. I come against this attack in Jesus name. Father bring those fellow believers alongside him. I pray this in Jesus name AMEN,AMEN,AMEN


Senior Member
Apr 20, 2009
Your husband and you are in my prayers in Jesus's name for all healing and help.

Hugs and God bless


Senior Member
Aug 3, 2011
Prayers sent with the Love of Jesus :)


Senior Member
Aug 31, 2011
Lord put your hand on this family and lift the darkness from pro 31's husband. In Yeshua's holy name I pray amen.