To live in new town

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Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Friends, we want to leave our present house and stay in another town, because Government has asked to leave the land, also we may not be able to buy the piece of land, where our house is built, if asked to buy with high prices.

The new town is 5-6 hrs from our house, we want to stay in new town, and continue doing mission work in my old town and new town. Because of not able to decide where to stay, also not much finance to take decision and step out to stay in new town, my plans are not able to be executed.

Can you agree and pray that, God will bless us to stay in new town and we able to focus on mission work and also upon family.

God bless!


Staff member
Nov 4, 2014
Absolutely Levi, I stand in agreement. Oh Lord, in the name of Jesus, please open doors for Levi and his family. They want to continue to serve you Lord right where they are at. We trust Your will, no matter what, but if it is possible can you please Bless Levi and His family. Thank You Lord for all Your blessings, most of all for the Blessing of You. Amen.


Well-known member
Nov 6, 2018
Oh where can I flee from thy presence? thou art there (Psalms 139:7-12)

in God's omnipresence,


Well-known member
Jul 10, 2018
I’m praying that God will surround your family with His love, care and provide for all your needs as you trust in Him. May His favor and guidance rest upon you regarding your housing, and may He use you mightily for His glory in the days ahead. Grace and peace to you and yours!


Well-known member
Nov 24, 2018
God bless this prayer we pray injn amen