When Satan tried to threaten NASA,astronauts & space station (post-Columbia)

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Junior Member
Jan 16, 2018
Have you ever asked Jesus & God to intervene & protect anyone &/or anything that most people are familiar with?
In other words on a gut suspicion that Satan tried to threaten them or do harm to them?
In my true example,several times I've had a gut suspicion ,post-Columbia disaster, that several times Satan tried to threaten NASA,the space station & the astronauts. What I did to recall some is that I prayed to Jesus & God to have Satan leave such people & such things alone.


Senior Member
Jul 2, 2013
Lord bless this prayer request. In Jesus loving name, Amen!
Jul 20, 2017
Lord protect the astronauts from satan and any intergalactic beings that may bring harm to them.