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  1. BibleFreak4Christ

    What's the song currently going through your head?

    Christopher Duffley sings Open the Eyes of My Heart in NH - YouTube
  2. BibleFreak4Christ

    can you guys post something funny please?

    *slices tomatoes and lettuce while watching Piglet bake* BLT anyone?
  3. BibleFreak4Christ

    Post funny pictures relating to people/stories in the Bible.

    *Quoted from the book of BF4C, chapter 4 verses 1-5* And the Lord thy God spoke to Godsgirl83 and saideth, "Thou shalt separate thy laundry into two baskets, those that are dark with the dark, and those white accordingly with the white. And thou dark clothing shall be washed in cold water as...
  4. BibleFreak4Christ

    Speak Your Mind.

    originally Wayne County Georgia, way back in them woods there
  5. BibleFreak4Christ

    Speak Your Mind.

    Having actually been born and raised in a southern Georgia Pentecostal church, Im quite use to the heat LoL
  6. BibleFreak4Christ

    The Trinity Doctrine in the Bible

    another simple example was credited to St. Patrick when he used the shamrock to explain the Trinity to the Celtic people I believe.
  7. BibleFreak4Christ

    Speak Your Mind.

    No, but I thought this would add to the humour. Im far worse...a redneck Floridian😏. Pardon me if my humour was found lacking...all the heat down here idles the brain at times, lol.
  8. BibleFreak4Christ

    can you guys post something funny please?

    I was in my first or second year working in the hardware dept at walmart when this happened(now approaching 22yrs and still have my sanity🤡) While straightening up one evening this elderly lady walks up to me and asks in a soft meek voice, "sir, do you have ovulating fans here?" Immediately...
  9. BibleFreak4Christ

    What bible for study?

    Bible Search and Study Tools - Blue Letter Bible is the one I use the most. Beats having all my study bibles in a stack on the desk 🤣
  10. BibleFreak4Christ

    Humor in the Bible

    While working my way through Acts chap 12, I couldnt help but grin and laugh a little at two particular scenes. First, an angel of the Lord appears while Peter is bound...first "smoting him in the side" which I could see as a good kick, then telling him (I comically paraphrase here) "Get up you...
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    Random game.

  12. BibleFreak4Christ

    What bible for study?

    Thompson Chain Reference bible under which ever version your lead too.