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  1. levi85

    let God solve dowry problem

    Friends, sis. is saying her husband is getting angry and everyday speaking that, our family has not given any dowry to sis. we should give dowry to sis. and her husband. dad is an independent pastor and now at very old age and mom a retired from her job. no money to give dowry( gold, car...
  2. levi85

    Satan is pressing in on me

    Lord bless ManiaStar, and this prayer, Give victory over satan and its challenges.Let you be glorified in ManiaStar's life and present sutuatiin. In Jesus Holy name, Amen!
  3. levi85

    Pray that , i may attend conference and meet friends, in USA

    Friends, on march first week there is a conference in USA, i would like to go, and attend the conference. secondly, i know some brothers and sisters here, if they invite me, as a brother in the Lord, i will try to go and meet them, give them a pamplet of some prayer request, children work ...
  4. levi85

    Baby's dandruff problem

    Friends, daughter's head is not saved once, from her birth. She is getting irritated may be due to dandruff, on her hair and head.Please pray that she be free from dandruff and enjoy a dandruff free hair and head. Thank you!
  5. levi85

    Pneumonia - need prayer!

    Lord we plead for Angela53510's hdaling, Let pnuemonua , leave her, and let her body be restored. Bless her treatment. Please touch and heal her, and give a good health. In Jesus glorious name, Amen!
  6. levi85


    Lord bless dan123456, and this prayer request. Lord dan123456, wants to serve help dan123456 in knowing the gifets and using it for your glory, Please bless dan123456. In Jesus loving name, Amen!
  7. levi85

    Pray for my marriage to be restored

    Father God restore Takia'smarriage, Let her husband resturn and they remain together for the rest of their lives. Bind them with your love, remove differences and help to love and respect one another. Lord bless both and you be glorified. Lord bless this prayer request, In Jesus precious name, Amen!
  8. levi85

    odd prayer request

    Lord bless TheLearner, and this prayer request, in Jesus Holy name, Amen!
  9. levi85

    prayer for business trip

    Lord bless Caduceus, and this prayer and let you be glorified. In Jesus precious name, Amen!
  10. levi85

    Let sis. get money in her account, also a scholarship

    Friends, from July , last year to till today, my younger sister's travel grant is not deposited in her account. she has gone many times, to clerks and table to desk. today they say this file is missing, tomorrow sis. will go to the clerk, again. please pray that tomorrow the file, is found and...
  11. levi85

    New Job

    Lord bless jlayton1973, with a new job soon. please bless this prayer, in Jesus glorious name, Amen!
  12. levi85

    Asking prayer for peace and faithfulness

    Lord bless ManiaStar, in this matter, bless with peace and faithfulness. please bless, in Jesus Holy name, Amen!
  13. levi85

    If noticed I’m started to drink to much

    Lord bless Brian217, and this prayer, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
  14. levi85


    Lord bless jbrooks5912, and this prayer, yes Lord, in Jesus loving nsme, Amen!
  15. levi85

    Not able to walk, freely

    Friends, i am not able to walk freely, there is some pain near to hip. You can pray that God touch and heal the muscle or nerve and heal, so that i walk freely and there be no pain. Thank you!
  16. levi85

    Need advocates before God

    Lord we come together, and pray for RickyZ, and this prayer, please bless and you be glorified. Bless RickyZ, to be victorious, everytime, In Jesus Holy name, Amen!
  17. levi85

    Please pray for me to wisdom, strength and peace.

    Lord we come before you and pray bless Nickosha, in this matter, please bless with wisdom, strength and peace, and bless to get hired by doing well in the interview next week. In Jesus loving name, Amen!
  18. levi85

    Prayer for rent

    Lord please help and bless penknight, in this matter, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
  19. levi85

    Pray for Christians in the United states

    Father God we pray, bless the Christians in USA snd let you be glorified, in their lives and work. Please bless, in Jesus Holy name, Amen!
  20. levi85

    I need a Scooter

    Friends, dad has a scooter, and everytime he goes out with his scooter, it becomes difficult for me to go out, i have to wait for dad, so that i can go out with his scooter. Can you agree and pray that, God bless me with a scooter, so that i can ride the scooter, as needed and even give my...