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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Study your Bible at this time and it will renew your mind.
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    Why is praying in tongues necessary?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the answer is , that God can cause someone to hear their language in their native tongue if it needs be. to fill a purpose. He doesn't have to do it at our beckon call. does that explain my previous answer?:confused:
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    I hate this part right here......

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ --- Yes when I was a kid, straight hair was "IN", I thought God hated me cause he gave me naturally curly hair, so all through my teens and some adulthood, I IRONED my hair, ...well, then , the PERM LOOK , came in style, now, I see that I was blessed cause all I have to...
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    Why is praying in tongues necessary?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~God will allow it , if there were reason to. he can do anything
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    Let's play Bible Trivia!

    ~~~~~~ we agree on both, lol.... (y)
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    Simple Potato soup

    Simple Potato soup Boil potatoes [cut up in small cubes ] after about 10 min....test with a large spoon w/ holes, to see if the potatoes are tender . then proceed to mash potatoes with a fork while they are on the large spoon with holes. ……. don't mash like mash potatoes, leave some...
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    Homemade Vegetable Soup

    MY HOMEMADE VEGETABLE SOUP; - Stew meat in crock pot all night [ I use 2 packages cause the flavor is better but you can use one.... 3 medium onions cut up, and potatoes <== 'whole'....If you like Cabbage put this in for the night cooking in the crock pot. cabbage takes a long time to cook...
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    Chicken Casserole

    CHICKEN CASSEROLE Chicken Casserole If you want to make it fast, run to the nearest restaurant and get 2 or 3 chicken breasts already cooked to add to the rest. - 2- 3 Chicken breasts [ according to the size, if really large like split breasts use only 2] - 1 can = cream of chicken...
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    Turkey or Chicken Pot Pie

    ~~~Turkey or Chicken Pot Pie 3 cups - Turkey[or chicken] Cut up fine 1 can - Mixed Vegetables ( or 1 serving cans of each veggie/drained ) 1 can - Cream of Chicken 1 can - Chicken broth 1 can - Potatoes ( or fresh cubed) the ones in cans are softer Mix all the above ingredients together then...
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    Peach Cobbler ( Easy)

    Peach Cobbler 2 cups - peaches 1 teaspoon - baking powder 1/2 teaspoon - Vanilla 1 cup - Flour 1 Stick - Butter (melted ) 1 cup - Sugar 1/2 - Milk 1/2 cup - hot water ~~~~~ Place peaches in the bottom of a 9X9 inch square pan. Combine Flour, sugar 1/2 cup ONLY ( at this time )...
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    What is:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My mom lost her mom, dad, and husband all in the same year, then 2 years later she lost her 7 yr. old son, she said on the way to the funeral of dad's, she thought she was going to lose her mind, cause she lost her mom and dad before him in the same yr. she said she kept saying...
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    Garlic Potatoes made easy in oven

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are good, my sister made some once, I am going to try them tomorrow
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    What would it take to "drain the swamp"?

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ well said
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    What would it take to "drain the swamp"?

    I think we should pray for whoever is in office, I don't listen to the media, they want things to look bad to the people so they can have news.... God is in control and we should pray to him and not judge
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    Let's play Bible Trivia!

    What was the name of Esau's wife that started with a " J "
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    What is:

    I will tell you the one that has a good meaning to me and why. I was working at a place that was really hard to learn and we had tests every Friday, so I go to the bathroom and cry and pray to God , that I cant do that kind of work, I am not smart enough and even kids younger then me were...
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    Giants in Genesis 6:4

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ angels are beings, spirits I don't really see how they can produce children....just my seems impossible to me, but that's just me and my thinking, not saying its right or wrong
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    Why does God use humans?

    ~~~~~~~ I at first wondered why he would do that with the plagues and saw, he was trying to humble Pharaoh with them
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    Garlic Potatoes made easy in oven

    ……. Tear off a large piece of aluminum foil[ this will be folded up like a pocket shape later after ingredients are put in ……. Spray foil with pam spray ……. Put about a tablespoon of butter into the foil or more if you like a lot of butter. ……. Slice potatoes like you do when you fry them. ……...
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    Let's play Bible Trivia!

    ...wait I could be wrong I guess it was...sorry....2 Samuel 21:20 well, the commentary says Jonathan of Shimea