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    The science of addictive food

    Interesting youtube video about the food industry:
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    food companies/different ingredients for different countries

    Interesting article about ingredients going into American food that are banned in other countries: How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries It's not just food...cosmetics and skin care products have the same problem.
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    Wheat-free diet

    Has anyone else read "Wheat Belly" by Dr. Davis? If it's true what he says then it's incredible what has happened in our food industry. No wonder Americans are some of the most unhealthiest people on earth (me included). How embarrassing. Following Dr. Davis recommendations, I've been...
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    Motivation for fasting

    I know the Bible encourages fasting yet I find it VERY VERY difficult to do. Our culture is so focused on food and I have an inner thought that if I don't eat regularly, I will die. This is irrational but it is so ingrained in me that I'm having a hard time overcoming it....definitely a...
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    article about 'the world's approval'

    Here is a link to a very good article about 'the world' and seeking its approval: Jesus the ultimate Outsider. | Pastor Joe McKeever
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    Joyce Meyer .....prayer

    This is a wonderful article by Joyce Meyer about prayer:
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    prayer for my fever not to return

    Well, I just got out of the hospital 6 days ago after having my gallbladder removed (with complications... a high fever, fluid in my lungs). A few hours ago the hospital called me and wanted to know how I was feeling because one my blood samples started growing a "contaminant". He wouldn't tell...
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    eye-opening article

    This is a very interesting article I found on Fox News....Dr Ablow predicts a grim future :( Why the 'Living Barbie' is dangerous | Fox News
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    Church membership requirement

    Quote from "What is Christianity?" by Charles Clayton "The Christian Church is not a society of integrated personalities, nor of philosophers, nor of mystics, nor even of good people. It is a society of broken personalities, of men and women with troubled minds, of people who know that...
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    Emotional Distance

    A really good book dealing with relationships is "Boundaries" by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. I think it's instructive for EVERYBODY but especially people involved in abusive relationships. P.38: Emotional Distance "Emotional distance is a temporary boundary to give your heart the...
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    A smeared-up windshield

    Her (the passenger): "Honey, I can't see anything" Him (the driver): "You don't need to see anything" Her (the passenger): " But how can I help you drive if I can't see anything?" Seeing the world through bug-guts is just an unpleasant thing. My husband has an aversion to using the cleaner...
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    Witnessing to a Muslim today....HELP!

    People here are so helpful so I decided to request prayers for me today around 2 pm. I will be visiting a very nice Muslim couple. The husband is asking questions about Christianity. Please pray for me to say the right things! Not too much and not too little. And pray for them that they...