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  1. Shamrocker

    equally yoked

    What does that mean to you? What are someways you can be equally yoked and unequally yoked? I will give my list later :)
  2. Shamrocker

    Off the wall

    I had posted somewhere a line from a song "If it ain't obvious what has set me off today Behind every woman scorned is a man who made her that way" I had some guy who I was friends with reply " I never scorned you" I'm thinking was are you feeling a guilty? Does anyone have a story like that ?
  3. Shamrocker

    What is young?

    I'm 37 but feel 27. and look 30ish.
  4. Shamrocker

    Thanksgiving count down

    What are you having for dinner? What CCer ( someone not in the states ) would you have as a dinner guest? What CCer in the states would you have over?
  5. Shamrocker

    Why are married people

    posting in this forums?
  6. Shamrocker


    I'm back with a new name ( I forgot the last one I think it was cafarmgirl) I'm 35, I live in CA, I don't know what more to say .