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    Tell me something interesting ....

    i once got a name in gravel, white sandy stone, a kings title
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    can we marry in the life to come

    i always wonder when the world is renewed and we become immortal whether those who haven't will be allowed to get married
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    and do not fret too much over the evil of the world, my mother once told me that in an indecent world all u can be is decent yourself
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    he already has and u too
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    so true
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    your welcome
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    also the children who are aborted will go straight to heaven and in some ways at least they will never see the evil of the world
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    the truth is the world will always be and do evil and do what it want, but judgement will come on them
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    i go to a church that speaks the truth and its very refreshing and can be a rare thing, if u a worried about church teaching there are many options
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    well he comes from a church that believes they have power where they have none, to do miracles where nothing happens, that try to manipulate the spirit but get a spirit of delusion instead
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    dont want to offend people, just say it was something he believed he could do and he was from a far out church
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    i just came from the shops where i met a so call christian who seemed completely deluded by what he believed, what do u about a deluded christian and how dangerous are churches the deceive people into believing nonsense.
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    Hi, I'm Beth. I will be 41 years old next month, a widowed with one child. I would like to meet other Christians online for Christian discussion.

    hi beth i am also 41 and never married, so what do u want to discuss, i am open to any topic bible wise
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    A thread where men and women can be nice to each other - just for a change

    and since this is a thread about being nice, u have a nice smile on that photo
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    religious experience

    has anyone got any religious experiences they like to share. mines a name in the gravel(long story)
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    A thread where men and women can be nice to each other - just for a change

    yes, i agree we should come here for knowledge and building each other up. but that's not to say we cant like someone and if they are willing to travel who's to say. i dont come here for that reason but i am open to it
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    Gay wedding

    no one can tell u wat to do u must go with your conscience and do according to scripture
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    (Potentially) Profound Thoughts

    the whole world is nonsense
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    Are we willing to be blind?

    if it makes sense then it is prob accurate, if it doesn't then it is just nonsense, and if u are gullible to believe what people say then it is your fault for not checking the text book
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    Still under attack

    u need a distraction and to relax, read a book, play a nice game, go for a walk in the park or partake in a hobbie, the more your fixated on the negative the more it will bother u, try to think of wat good in your life and meditate on the righteousness of God