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  1. Kim82

    What’s a man to do?

    Look at the positive side. Unemployment is worst.
  2. Kim82

    What was Sunday/Saturday sermon about?

    Let's see now, on Sunday the pastor preached be honest with you, I do not remember. But then, today is Thursday so please bear with me.
  3. Kim82

    Ever Notice-Christian Dating Sites

    Is that so? I did not notice.
  4. Kim82

    Hi Annie here

    Hello Annie:) welcome to CC
  5. Kim82

    Do you rebuke satan?

    Yes he did not say he rebuked satan. He said the Lord rebuke satan :) So all this rebuking the devil, and he may not even be there to hear it? Oh boy Thanks for your humility in your post :)
  6. Kim82

    Is Everyone OK? (CC Singles Forum Post-Valentine's Day Roll Call!)

    Wonderfully for me I don't celebrate Valentine's day. So I was not affected in anyway.
  7. Kim82

    Do you rebuke satan?

    If we don't rebuke him?
  8. Kim82

    Do you rebuke satan?

    We are to call on the Lord to rebuke him. And ask the Lord to bind him. In this way We are to take authority over all the works of the devil in prayer. But only through prayer are we to rebuke Satan. We must not talk directly to him. Is this what you are saying?
  9. Kim82

    Do you rebuke satan?

    Is satan the root cause of all the problems that we face and just about everything that is going wrong in the world? If so, can someone who is accused of a crime, can he say the devil made me do it as his defence? What exactly can we blame satan for, and what are the things that we should...
  10. Kim82

    Speak Your Mind.

    Many of the secular musicians always say they would like to thank God, as part of their acceptance speech when they win any award. It seems that they believe in God. But even though they believe in God, they do not want to serve Him.
  11. Kim82

    What is the difference between calling a woman "Hot" and calling a woman "Beautiful"?

    In my opinion, i don't believe that Christians should be making it their aim to be hot or sexy. I think we should always be conservative, even when going out on dates.
  12. Kim82

    Calling All Goofballs!

    JB you certainly know how to let loose with the typographical errors.
  13. Kim82

    How to (appropriately) tell a girl you like her?

    She may complain of harassment.
  14. Kim82

    To married Christian guys only

    Was saying this for the benefit of unmarried men. OP is married. I already pointed out to him that "if". Let me say that again "IF" that is the way she dressed before they got married, it will be difficult to get her to change her style.
  15. Kim82

    What was Sunday/Saturday sermon about?

    Bow before Christ?
  16. Kim82

    Unmask yourself part 2

  17. Kim82

    Unmask yourself part 2

    All is well :)
  18. Kim82

    Unmask yourself part 2

    OK enough of you already!
  19. Kim82

    Unmask yourself part 2

    Selfie rule: be aware of your background. Shower curtain looking old and hanging loose from rings? Not cool bro, not cool
  20. Kim82

    To married Christian guys only

    Single men take this lesson from me: if a man marries a woman who likes to wear tight revealing clothes. You can't decide afterwards to quote scriptures, and lay down the law. Oh no, it doesn't work like that. You need to lay down the law before you get married, if the woman agrees, then...