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  1. blue_ladybug

    Baby Boy names please....

    Monica isn't a newbie. She's been here for 2 years.. :) lol
  2. blue_ladybug

    cerimonial hair

    I mean ceremonies such as keeping our hair and body covered at all times, or keep it a certain length. God doesn't care what our hair length is or if we even HAVE hair. He also doesn't care what we eat, since He has decreed it all fit to eat. He doesn't care what we wear, or whether we walk...
  3. blue_ladybug

    cerimonial hair

    God doesn't require us to do ceremonies anymore..
  4. blue_ladybug

    Gif Gif Gif Gifts

  5. blue_ladybug

    cerimonial hair

    God could care less whether our hair is covered, not covered or whether we're baby-butt bald..
  6. blue_ladybug

    Picking Up Trash A New Internet Challenge

    Finally, something useful being done by the internet.. lol
  7. blue_ladybug

    Wild melons

    Do you know how to check a user's profile before calling them the wrong gender? lol
  8. blue_ladybug

    Wild melons

    Yepp, those are water melons..
  9. blue_ladybug

    Change user name CC app

    You can't. The only way to change your user name is to close your current account and open another one with your new user name. Contact an admin and ask to have your present account deleted.
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    Lonely and sad.....Need good christian friends.

    This is a FIVE YEAR OLD thread, and the OP and half the posters are no longer here..
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    The CHAt

    PM Robo and ask him to turn it off for you..
  12. blue_ladybug

    Ask the user below you a question

    doing cartwheels with a bunch of orange kitties chasing me.. lol Have you ever been in an accident?
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    The chat apps are only for Mac, Android and Windows users..
  14. blue_ladybug

    Abuse in a Marriage Grounds for Divorce?

    I deleted the first part of this once I realized Kayla wasn't the OP.. lol.. I wonder why it still remains. :unsure:
  15. blue_ladybug

    Abuse in a Marriage Grounds for Divorce?

    He's referring to UnderGrace.. lol
  16. blue_ladybug

    Ask the user below you a question

    Nope.. Have you had your morning coffee yet?