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    Christian music rap/quiet acoustic

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    Christian music rap/quiet acoustic

    God Nation
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    Christian music rap/quiet acoustic

    HeeSun Lee
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    Email tab

    I'm on my phone but it worked no problem. And no popups. Maybe it was glitchy Monday. Might be worth trying again.
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    How do you take your coffee?

    Actually I'm not a tea fan either. And here I thought I was the only one.
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    How do you take your coffee?

    Nope. I hate the devils urine as well.
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    Perhaps you should instead try a dating site.
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    Prayers for the past...

    People tend to view things not directly mentioned in the bible in one of two ways. One type sees the bible doesn't say it's wrong so it must be ok, or good. The other type sifts through the precedents and the nature of God as outlined in the bible to seek an answer whose basis lines up with the...
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    2013 was a peak year, at least since the time I've been on. It was very active back then. And more friendly. 2014 was good but you could already start telling the difference. Maybe it's an ebb and flow and will pick up again. Who knows.
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    Once you get in there you won't laugh. Maybe cry if you're thin skinned haha.
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    Prayers for the past...

    I heard about this a long time ago. Back in my Pentecostal days, which I ended up running from fast. At the time it made sense, as a newer believer. Now as I have a better understanding it seems backwards. The bible seems to focus on moving forward. Why would praying about things that already...
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    I'm not a YA, but the YA forums have never been super busy, for years. There are two main forum areas that keep busy. The busiest is the BDF, bossy dictators forum, I mean bible discussion forum. The other is Singles, which is where everyone else hangs out. Both married and single and all ages...
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    I've been saying that for years. Around 2014 there started a gradual slowdown. But, also, on the weekends the site slows down way more, oddly.
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    The devil is a liar (Liar Liar Pants on Fire)

    Is this just to get more hits on your yt channel? All you've done is post 3 videos from the same source and not interact with anyone directly. A rather unappealing approach, in my opinion. There are enough ads everywhere we look. I always pass on people that do this. Rather an insincere and...
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    HELP!!! teen problems
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    Easter and Christians

    Beating a dead horse again. And as always a person that loves trying to look spiritual by making these big displays, yet find no problem with all the other pagan sourced elements they involve themselves in daily. If you're going to accept, without conscience, all the other pagan sourced things...
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    Are You Romantic?

    Every topic in Singles devolves into a joke. Thus it's useless to try to be serious here because people can't respect it and allow it. But that sexy thread was bad from the OP.
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    The Star Wars: Episode IX Teaser is out!!! Discussion Thread

    I'd seen it a few days ago. Dull. Disney has destroyed the franchise. And Rey... oh my gosh. So boring of a character. Lifeless. Bland. Uninteresting. And played by an actress with the same qualities. Some "legend".