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    Judge not....

    Going down the path I did, I looked like a complete fool in the eyes of all around me. Almost went to jail for my dumb mistakes BUT,...... Going through all that shame, reduced my self image to a level that allowed me to stop seeing myself as better than others for whatever reason. I now have...
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    Is there any topic of 2019 that The Bible may not address?

    I am aware of the, “Nothing new under the sun” verse. But, For instance: Voting Modern medicine and it’s uses I don’t believe these topics are addressed directly but they possibly are addressed, indirectly. Kings of the earth where not voted into power, like they appear to be today. I am...
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    When someone asks questions

    Look at exactly how Jesus answered questions. He answered in parables because he knew that anyone who did not know the truth would not possibly be able to make sense of his words. The repeated response was: Do you believe you can or do you want to.............? Not many have asked me...
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    Question about the words "the Lord" and "Lord"

    Ask yourself this,....does adding the word The in front of a word, change it’s meaning to you? As in Simon Peter’s response “The” Christ If he said, Christ only, does that change YOUR understanding?
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    Reading Deuteronomy and hard to follow.

    I recall reading how not to search endless genealogies. Probably because it will have you going in circles without hitting bedrock. I assume the same rule applies here. I am just guessing that the path from the wilderness, is different for all.....Not much attention should be paid to exact...
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    Your Bible translation

    I do acknowledge that it is unique...Almost like reading Shakespeare. I also enjoy stumbling upon the outdated word that requires me to dig deep to learn its archaic definition. I would say the KJV is a mid level step for me before diving into the, what the heck are they saying...
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    How to seek Truth and find it!

    “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell I also like to add, you must begin YOUR journey alone. Always go with your gut feeling.
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    Your Bible translation

    Those who choose KJV, why that one? Popularity? Education in vocabulary?
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    Can Believers use gun for the protection ?.

    I recommend everyone give the movie Hacksaw Ridge a watch. Very good movie. Talk about out of this world level of faith....Entered a war zone with no gun but a Bible.
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    Can Believers use gun for the protection ?.

    I believe that the bodies ability to produce superhuman feats of strength when it is absolutely necessary for defense is a clear sign that defending yourself may occur but, I seriously question some who have guns. I believe that 95% of people with guns that are criminal minded, just want what...
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    Why some verses have questions that negate the question?

    Such as, Isaiah 40:28 Do you not know? Have you not heard? I understand that the use of words has changed through time but, even if I modernized them, it still is confusing. Don’t you know? Still says, Do not you know? Haven’t you Heard? Says, Have not you heard? Anyone else find this odd...
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    “Test the Spirits”

    What does this 1 John 4 verse mean to you? Is this something that is done only within ourselves or something that also occurs outside ourselves, with interaction with others? “Whoever knows God listens to us; whoever is not from God does not listen to us” Who is “us” referring to?
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    Fasting reason why?

    Fasting has been a very confusing topic for myself to fully understand. Probably because I have never done it for an extended period of time. I often wonder if fasting is necessary if there is agreement with the spirit and body? I also have been somewhat confused by the hold fast to your wife...
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    Example of humility.

    Drive your car in NYC metro area and the opportunity to practice your humble skills happen everyday. I am getting better but occasionally I revert to stirring up some anger at times. Staying calm and being kind to my enemies is something I lean on. I have recognized, it is the fear of...
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    Did Jesus Say That?

    Trying to analyze and understand another Christian’s walk from the view of our earthly eyes is only gonna see SOMETHING that appears to fall short of perfection.....We all fall short. Only God can see ones heart and learning to not judge another’s path is essential to keeping our own sense of...
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    Corinthians 13: 4-8

    The part about not easily angered is the one I want opinions on. Since I still have not read the entire Bible, the only time I recall Jesus getting mad was 2 times. The time he flipped the table and when he healed the man on the “sabbath” My bible knowledge i mediocre currently but, what do...
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    Understanding Genesis 1&2 - The Beginning

    I have read Genesis SOOOOOOO many times because I see it as extremely important. Why? Because like building a house, if you do not fully understand concrete and level measurements, nothing built above it will ever be totally correct. Problems can arise due to a poor foundation. Genesis 3 is the...
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    Americanized Thinking

    I am only 40 but I seriously don't think there will ever come a time where I will do everything perfectly(sinless) and be able to walk the earth just as Jesus did BUT, I refuse to stop trying to be as close to that idea. Maybe the reason none of us will attain that perfection is the danger of...
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    Death or life

    A choice that individuals should confront themselves and deal with the consequences. I disagree with it and see it as wrong. Not giving up is in scripture.
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    What are the Bible verses that directly support Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise Service, Easter or Resurrection Sunday?

    I find it very interesting that so many world religions celebrate holidays that basically have the same meaning but, may be called a different name and can be celebrated on a completely different date... Who is right.? The only thought on this topic is that we humans believe we can figure out...