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    Judge not....

    Hi wordsone, and welcome! Truth is i hardly watch cable news shows now=)). Like others, i also am hurt, i get offended, and judge once in a while. But when i realize thats what i'm doing, i have to turn to God and His word again to see and remind me what He has to say. To me too. Someone used...
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    I can't even walk without holding His hand.

    Love that, renee=).
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    Prayers for Indians

    Let everything, all that has breath... praise the Lord!
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    moving to new school! most of the people there are Muslims and atheist

    You can pray daily abt this. It doesnt remind God, but you that you need His help=) and that help is on its way. We be praying for you too.
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    Received healing

    I have seen it, but often need or want to watch again coz i miss things while doing other stuff or trying to multitask=). Thanks, shittim.
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    Favorite Scripture Song?

    And here's one from the Netherlands, the same verse.
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    Favorite Scripture Song?

    Just found this based on Hab. 3.17-18.
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    Strictly Miscellaneous

    Whats a box of baking soda that has hardened good for?
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    Your favorite gospel singers/groups?

    Hi mary, I'm not sure i had a balanced chance to listen to very many Gospel singers/groups. But long before, i got to listen to some of Twila Paris and Steve Green, whose songs have stuck with me. Some others seem too 'fancy' for me and i will not mention anymore=).
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    Please pray for healing

    John 15:7 (KJV) 7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. These are the best healing words i can share with you, vio. I hope you have the opportunity to read or listen to God's word everyday and dwell on it. How do we abide? By...
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    A prayer warrior looking to pray for you :)

    I need prayer everyday. I am tempted to think and do things that arent right, but by God's grace i (hope i) do more good than bad=). Please pray for summer activities for the children, when theres great pressure on me, the mom!
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    Hi s94, and welcome. I can identify with you. Just before our third child came, i gave up outside work, which i didnt realize would last longer than i thought. Anyway, i was decided that i did not want others (helpers/strangers) bringing the kids to school, feeding them, etc. So I was very...
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    This thread should be one we can keep moving by posting more! I wasnt exactly looking for this site, but discovered a bookmarked page which some may find useful.
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    Your take on Classical

    Had my First Bach Album.. but no second or third=)). I like to listen, learn or play here and there when materials are available.
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    Lost a good friend of mine.

    Lord, we pray for stranger and that You give new friends who can be a blessing to him and vice versa. We know there are very many hurting people, and may we be the friend also that our neighbor is looking for. We thank You, in Jesus' name.
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    Worry over being a burden

    hi M1, just wanted to reassure you we all do get nervous at times. Keep on getting to know the Lord more. Nothing beats that Friend who will never let you down. I think w/ your old friends you're adjusting, coz you are a new person n can't talk the way you used to. Just be a friend, not thinking...
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    The Trump Deception Church & State United

    I honestly havent read every line in this thread, and cannot understand all the intricacies of church and state separation.. But thought i could post this wc i heard the other day, and trying to listen to again.