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    Born Again Speaking in Tongues

    If you (broad "you", not just you two specifically) people cannot discuss a topic without these types of accusations, then stay out of the discussion.
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    It's not that I like turkey that much personally I'll take a good steak over poultry any day but hey, they were meant to be eaten........ I was working on the same house today and four of them went strutting through the brush single file not 20 feet from me.
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    And then your fifties................ (which are just a little over a week away) You seem to imply that people should have stopped being like a child at some point before then. :unsure:
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    What brings/brought you here?

    **sighs** how quickly a thread degrades into answering a question that was not asked.......................... To answer the OP, I joined here in December of 2010 just prior to the Great CC Crash of 2011 where several months worth of posts (and new profiles) were lost thus my account showing...
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    Streams of Consciousness & Thoughts~~~

    Is it wrong that when I saw this bird (I had been hearing him all day) the only thought in my mind was "DINNER"?
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    Technically, you can't. Hot dogs (unlike their cousin, the sausage) are fully cooked prior to packaging.
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    I'm just right around the corner from being old.
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    Come on, you can admit that the first time you saw a picture of Jerry the thought going through your mind was "hubba hubba, I wonder how big his retirement account is." :p
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    known criminal, murderer, sex offender welcome?

    I know that at my church (assuming they truly had changed) they would be welcomed with open arms although a registered sex offender would have conditions placed on their attendance (such as being prohibited from being in the portion of the building that houses children's activities). Christ's...
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    My apologies to the OP.
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    We don't have set in stone policies since every case is different. In some cases we have blocked users because it becomes apparent that they are looking for attention, not help. In reality a persons who is suicidal needs to be seeking mental health care from a local professional, not an online...
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    She always thought of Ronald as a clown since the Dairy Queen's heart always belonged to the Burger King:cool:
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    Really?? I heard that Ronald had a thing for Wendy but maybe he gave up on it when he found out that she was having Carl's Jr.
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    Men-Only Forum

    The site has never had a men's forum. In reality the biggest reason that RoboOp has never created a specific men's only forum is that they don't last. Over the years several persons have created men's only chat groups (I'm not sure if this format has the capability) and every time initially...
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    Alyssa Milano Calls For A "Sex-Strike" Due To Additional States' New "Heartbeat" Bills

    Most women who have abortions at the time feel that they have no other choice. In reality it's not the lack of choice but that abortion is less disagreeable to them than the other options.
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    Tell me something interesting ....

    I've only been in Tennessee twice in my life for short visits with my Dad's aunt but not for long enough to become at all familiar with the state. In reality our weather here is very mild especially when you consider our elevation and storms like we got last night are relatively rare. Our...
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    Tell me something interesting ....

    We got roughly 4 to 6 inches as of this morning. Spring snow is a bear to shovel because it has a considerably higher water content thus is a lot heavier. Colorado tends to get real dry powdery snow in the winter months but really wet in the fall and spring.
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    Tell me something interesting ....

    Speaking of snow in May...............
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    Encouragement thread

    By far the majority of suggestions (including this one) for new sub forums are narrow enough subjects to warrant the requester to open a thread on the topic, not a complete sub-forum.
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    So you finally found him/her! Now what?

    Statistically over half of bankruptcies are due to medical issues (either due to medical bills or lost wages from an illness/injury).