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    prayer request

    God is the best worth of existence
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    Random game.

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    Random game.

    Deade, me, tabin, Deade, me Seems Trinity like relationship Hmm ...
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    Random game.

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    Not By Works

    If the pride of life is the most common problem, how can it be dealt with or how can we overcome it?
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    Random game.

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    Unhealthy skepticism is the worst form of doubt
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    Compromise and value

    It takes faith to believe that faith can overcome anxiety of one's insecurities
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    I’m new...hello!

    How's magenta doing?
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    My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?

    this is evidence of God's love for us Jesus knew beforehand what he will endure for us Jesus felt the separation, so he knows what it's like for Christians to doubt salvation considering that Jesus felt the separation, while he knows that he's about to die, and he know full well what hell is...
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    do apologetic with atheist, do logic with atheist, they have ways to twist logic against you especially if you start out the wrong way, which becomes "how NOT to do apologetics" debate wise, they can "bite back on you", turning your sword against you, etc.
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    For cc members

    how can the pride of life be dealt with?
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    Not By Works

    How would follow... define love?
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    Not By Works

    what are some terms that needs defining perhaps we can start a dictionary thread
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    Not By Works

    say for example I disagree with ... I'll make up a name "riven" ok, first, I want to be secure in what I think so I can express my opinion clearly (write a note to yourself so you will remember your own thoughts if necessary), secondly, consider stepping into the other's person's shoes and say...
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    for the big picture of the whole Bible

    Old Testament The Fall of man running themes: redemption, idolatry, and captivity Jeursalem was established in Israel New Testament Jesus died for sin disciples evangelized everywhere and Jesus will restore all things to perfection ^are we missing anything, since epistles talks...
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    Not By Works

    especially false doctrine
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    Not By Works

    so, how are people's illogical silly-gism so far?
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    I would love to have short faq's but I believe that we can ask questions that can lead to helpful answers like these to sum up Christianity: saved by grace to become more Christ-like to become more Christ-like we need to develop the character of Christ and that involves desiring to know His...