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    Advice on hair relaxer for guys?

    Random I know haha. But this is the right place for that right? My bf has decided to grow his hair long and is at an awkward in-between stage that is bothering him. He apparently tried to do it years ago but didn't take care of it at all and it was so broken and unhealthy that clumps of it...
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    My birthday makes me sad

    I meltdown every year when my birthday is near. No matter how I try to distract myself or convince myself that it doesn't matter, somehow my body knows what time of years it is and gets all worked into a depression. As far as I can tell it's something to do with how much I matter to others. I...
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    Christmas dessert recipes please?

    My family are doing Christmas lunch on Dec 1st because it's the only time most of us can be together. It's a barbecue style lunch and I have been asked to do dessert. I am already taking a mini tree made from a painted crafted phone book which I am going to put toothpicks into and decorate with...
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    Please, not another death

    I don't know where to begin and trying to is overwhelming me so I'm going to leave some mystery and get right to the specific issue I came here for. My housemate Lisa is morbidly obese and suffering a myriad of other related or co-existing health issues. She has been back and forth to doctors...
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    I'm bliiiiiiiiiiiinnnnndd

    I don't need advice, I know the issue I think. I just wanted to mention it in case anyone thinks I'm snobbing them off. I don't have internet at home these days and the couple of places I get to use it have issues that for the most part prevent me from seeing the chatrooms. I get free wifi at...
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    Delicate sprouts in a pot of dirt.

    I had trouble deciding where to put this. It's almost a testimony but my story here isn't a completed triumph I can use to encourage, but rather a useful thought to ponder as we relate to each other as Christians. So I figured the term "family" can be applied here in a broader sense as my point...
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    This is not cheap, and it’s not quick. But it’s fun and delicious. I brought this monstrous frozen desert to home group the other week and a friend named it for me. We've been carving off slices of it and indulging in little moments of guilty deliciousness ever since. I used soy desserts...
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    Bachelor/Bachelorette Chocolate Pudding

    Sorry it took so long Lil! I swear I can make this blindfolded but as soon as I try to measure and record my brain is like maths? Are you kidding? I think I've nailed it now though. INGREDIENTS 1 Heaped Tablespoons Butter 2 and a Half Tablespoons Pure Cocoa 2 Level Tablespoons Self Raising...
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    Stuck on evolution

    It's not me. I have a friend who can read here, who has felt God drawing them lately and has been experiencing his power in their life. But when they consider Chrisitanity, they are "stuck on the evolution thing". They are highly interested in science and history and are finding it hard to get...
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    My attitude needs a makover

    I'm asking for prayer, but also support and understanding from anyone who considers me a friend. There is something really crippling my life and causing me to keep going in circles. I havn't fully worked it out yet... I know it has a lot to do with jealousy and that it's really huge and makes...
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    3 yr old nephew keeps getting croupe

    Please will you say a prayer for little Taj. My sister (his mother) is frustrated that the overnight visits with his dad are times when she has no control over the careless sleeping conditions that keep causing his to come back to her with asthma and other breathing problems in the middle of the...
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    You know you've been sitting at a computer for too long / often when...

    I've had a few "Hm... too much computer time lately" moments recently. But add your own cos I'm sure I'm not the only one! You know you've been sitting at a computer too long / often when... - You say "LOL BRB and TTYL" (etc) aloud in conversation, and start inventing abbreviations on the...
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    100 Things that you can’t do without the physical presence of another person

    A friend of mine (my own age) died in a car accident some months back. I hadn’t “gotten around” to “catching up” with her since my wedding, some 8 years ago, which was shortly after high school. I found out at the funeral that for a time she had been living just...
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    Lazy Lemon Meringue For One

    Something I threw together for sweets tonight, a careless version of lemon meringue. Makes enough for two, or one very generous serving. It’s a bit touch-and-go since I kind of did it spontaneously and didn’t even measure anything so it depends how experienced/adventurous you are as...
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    Self-saucing Butterscotch Pudding

    Ok. So it’s driving me nuts how much I miss being able to eat this, and I’m craving it so bad right now! So maybe someone else could make some and at least enjoy it on my behalf. Got this out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine a few years back after seeing it on the show and it has always...
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    Two minute cupcakes

    This is sooo easy and yummy... It's dawning on me lately that the pages in my recipe binder that were my favourites back in my housewifing days are getting awful dusty. When did I become such a true-to-form bachelorette? ...Most days lately I just can't even be bothered eating defined...
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    Thankyou Thankyou

    I don't know who you are. But I know you've been praying for me. It's all over me. Please don't stop. I need it a lot. Cuddles in Christ
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    Please pray for a solution to my isolation cycle and my fear of people and vulnerability. Thankyou
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    Please pray God helps me to sleep. And at sensible times. It's only one tiny piece of the puzzle but my life would be a lot less complicated to sort out if I could just sleep when I'm supposed to. Insomnia is a terrible torment. Thanks
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    Pancakes at 2am

    It's 2am and I'm cooking and eating dinner and dessert while playing on the internet and watching tv. What's wrong with this picture? Don't answer that it's rhitorical. I won't go into detail but I will say there is a lot wrong with my life, and I wouldn't be up right now if there wasn't. And I...