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    Easing Desperation for Being Single

    Hi all, Has anyone felt or recovered from the desperation of being single and alone ?
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    Depression after leaving family

    I left my family about 5 years ago and have been suffering from depression ever since then and I just feel lost and alone at times.
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    Self Image Issues

    Hi all, I'm not really sure how to start but I've been bullied everywhere since I was really young that it has affected my own self image sometimes i'm on the verge of ending it all not really sure how to go on at times.
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    How Do you Cope with Anxiety of Being Single ?

    I was wondering if anyone had the anxiety or has faced the loneliness of being single and ageing more ?
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    self-respect and expressing it

    Hi all, I was wondering is self-respect linked to having lots of money or is it something more than that.
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    Character & Physical Appearance (at opposition)

    Is feeling that your inner man & physical appearance different or not in alignment with one another normal, Has anyone faced this?
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    How to be a whole person ?

    Hi all , What does being whole mean to you and how can a christian be whole ?
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    Finding Love and Acceptance Impossible in Christian Community ?

    Hi All, Is finding love and acceptance impossible in a christian community (,cell group setting) where the Bible is being preached weekly ? , how then is it hard to find people who have been born again and have new ways of living ?
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    Question on Self Love

    Hi all, wanted to just ask how does self love contribute to a healthy relationship when love consists of two people caring for one another ?
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    lost faith in humanity

    Hi , I was just wondering if anyone has ever gone through a phase when they felt like the only person they could really count on is God and themselves and church did not feel like a safe place anymore, How did you navigate through that ?
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    social media and defining attraction

    Hi all, How does a christian navigate through social media without feeling less than another person in where they are in life and would it be advisable not to even use it at all ?
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    Recovering Love Addict

    Has anyone felt as though life without a partner is meaningless or worthless before and if so how did you overcome it ? How does one know life is worth living regardless of relationship status.
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    Body dsymorphia disorder (confession)

    I hope I won't be judged for saying this but I have suffered from bdd for a long time and its a stronghold in my life . I have been bullied since high school and even called names like wolf or monkey due to my arms being too much on the hairy side . I have spent countless hours trying to just...
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    Is Physical Attraction Important ?

    Hi All, I was just wondering would considering physical attraction to be a important component in a life partner in the future be considered a sinful or unwise choice together with looking at common interests , values , virtues and such ? . I was just confused if rejecting a person on the basis...
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    Body Image issues and Body care (Temple of the Holy Spirit)

    I'm confused when it comes to my struggle with Body Image issues and what 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 means ? Does this mean that we accept ourselves (psalm 139:14) without changing anything and if so do we need to avoid exercising or eating well .. hope someone can shed some light to this area ...
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    What does living as a christian look like ?

    I have been confused how a christian should live on this earth and the purpose of his life Does it mean : 1) To suffer and die for Christ ? 2) To have a relationship with him ? 3) To sacrifice all for Christ ? If anyone could point me to the right passages it would be of great help thanks :)
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    Healing from PTSD

    I'm not sure if anyone has been with PTSD and have survived and healed from it . I'm just wondering if there are ways to heal narcissistic abuse and family violence . I have gone no contact with my parents for about a month now .
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    Hi All , Does a friendship require two people to put in equal effort rather than just one person checking in with the other from time to time and the other being just passive and not even putting in any effort to check in with the well being of others . In such circumstances is it wise to let...
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    Pornography Addiction & help

    Hi Forum, I'm just wondering if there is any help available for I am struggling with this addiction and I am not sure why I'm unable to stop out of my own effort . Is there any way I can break this bondage over my life .
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    Deadly Envy

    Hi Forum, I was just wondering if anyone has struggled with Envy ? and how does one find contentment in Christ alone if we are to be satisfied in Christ alone .