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    It was unfair to mankind

    The Bible considers everyone being born into this world, a sinner. Even the new born baby who haven't done any wrong is considered a sinner (Psa.51:5), Now wasn't it unfair that we were made sinners because of one man, Adam. It was not us who sinned but he, Adam. We became sinners because we...
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    Pray for the devil?

    1) Now a Christian brother said to me that he believe that Satan got a fair chance to Repent and make right with God. 2) It was also said that b4 Satan's fall, he was one of the cherubim on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of Covenant. 3) It was said that sin stared in the Perfect Place called Heaven...
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    Slaying in the Spirit

    Is Slaying in the Spirit scriptural. Why didn't it happen in the Apostolic Church of Acts? Nowadays all weird kind of things is happening in the Church, people crawling on the floor, being led on a chain like a dog, barking, a woman with her lower body exposed in front of the Congregation, woman...
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    Why do we say Amen? Where does our Amen originate from? According to History, Amen was one of the main Pagan deities in Egyptian mythology. This pagan worship later spread to Greece, Syria and surrounding areas. Amun, Amon (A-men-a) Ammon (Amen') Amen (A'men), an ancient deity, on e of the...
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    Was it a cross that Christ died on? Guess it doesn't matter what He died on as long as He died for our sins, or does it matter? Has Golgotha become God's Altar for the Burnt Offering [Christ the Lamb] and the Cross, pole or stake the wood for the Burnt Offering? So it seemed necessary that He...
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    Did the angels really had sex with women and produced the Nephilim? How is it possible that spirits can have intercourse with carnal?
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    Oral sex, Anal sex

    Is oral sex & anal sex permissible for Christians. A devout sister said that oral sex and watching porn is permissible as long as you practice it with your partner in marriage. If it is wrong to practice it, have the marriage become a license to sin? What about anal sex? Is doing it with a woman...
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    Who's son was Cain really?

    Some Christians believe, and I don't want to mentions those followers names, believe that Abel was Adam's son and Cain the Serpent's. It is believed that the Serpent was an upright creature between a chimpanzee and a human, walking on 4 legs. The fruit that Eve ate weren't a literal fruit but...
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    What is the key to heaven

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    What is the key to heaven

    Why did we composed a song, "Prayer is the key to heaven", is it, is prayer the key? So the New Apostolic church is right, they can open the gates of heaven and pray you into heaven?
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    What is the oil?

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    Can a Christian be sinless, perfect?

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    Can a Christian be sinless, perfect?

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    Can a Christian be sinless, perfect?

    ​Really! Is it possible that we can survive one day without sin? Why did Jesus command such an impossible thing when He said, "Be perfect even as your Father which is heaven is perfect", and then contradicting, "No one is good accept God"
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    Who Is Satan?

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    Who Is Satan?

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    lets talk about gay people!!!

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    lets talk about gay people!!!