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  1. tourist

    Kitchen Flirtations

    Yeah, well things got a little crazy in the kitchen as my honey was popping in the pizza into the oven. There is nothing like fresh-chopped vegies and various meats on top to get to whet your appetite. Basically, a frozen pizza but with my wife's loving touch. I'm not kidding, her stuff is...
  2. tourist

    Daily Adventure Journal

    Today, I got my first haircut of the year. For reasons unknown this always seems to be a traumatic experience for me and I tend to put it off as long as possible. Sort of like going to the dentist. That visitation is coming too. Sometime down the road. It's not a matter of priority but rather...
  3. tourist

    Time and Again

    Time andagain I have become dismayed at the decorum and behavior I have observed incertain particular forums, especially the BDF, and at times in the Conspiracyforum. Many times a member will be attacked in a mean spirited way if theirview or perception on a certain topic is contrary to the...
  4. tourist


    JUNGLE ROOM Saw the ghost of Elvis On Union Avenue Followed him up to the gates of Graceland Then I watched him walk right through Now security they did not see him They just hovered 'round his tomb But there's a pretty little thing Waiting for the King Down in the Jungle Room...
  5. tourist

    Laundry Mat

    For some reason laundry is an activity that I enjoy. Now, I still consider myself a novice even though I have been doing it on my own for several years. My most pressing concern is how to separate the ‘whites’ from the other stuff. Does it actually have to be white to be considered a white...
  6. tourist

    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    Open Enrollment Period It was twenty years ago today Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play They've been going in and out of style But they're guaranteed to raise a smile So may I introduce to you The act you've known for all these years Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Excerpt from Sgt...
  7. tourist

    What Is My Truth?

    From my years of observations and experiences I believe that it is better to have loved and lost than to be afraid and never know what true love and happiness really is. In the end loneliness is my choice and this is true for unhappiness as well. I also believe, for myself, that it is better for...
  8. tourist

    Rules of Engagement

    What rules do certain residents of CC follow in their pursuit of love? I will offer a few insights of my own. The rules listed are of equal importance for myself. Have no fear of rejection. Develop a tolerance for pain as you may end up with a broken heart. Be strong for you will survive. Life...
  9. tourist

    Pain Management Clinic

    Pain Management Clinic Appointments are not necessary. Walk-in patients are welcome. Well, let’s go over our last visit. You say you are still suffering from the pangs of heartbreak? Did I not say that you must give the anger and hurt over to God? How did that work out? I did not...
  10. tourist

    Midnight Confessions

    "The sound of your footsteps, telling me that you're near. Your soft, gentle motion babe, brings out a need in me that no one can hear.." From "Midnight Confessions" by Grass Roots A forum for the one secret confession that you do not want revealed but are brave enough to admit for all to...
  11. tourist

    For All The Lonely People

    "All the lonely people, where do they all come from..." from a line written in a song a long time ago but still being asked today by the discerning few. Written in His holy word God says that it is not good to be alone. Adam was the first lonely guy in the world. Being a compassionate and...
  12. tourist

    My Father

    I talk to my Heavenly Father each day. He talks back to me, not through a burning bush but in a quiet whisper. He is my best friend and the only one that I truly confide in. God loves each and everyone of us. He wants is to choose life and have it more abundantly. It is His will and desire...
  13. tourist

    A Place Called Desolation

    It happen suddenly but was not totally unexpected as nothing really surprises me anymore. In February of this year my darling wife died after years of suffering from the debilitating effects of arthritis and psoriasis. She had numerous other health issues as well but not mentioned in this post...
  14. tourist


    Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?
  15. tourist


    Devoted to those who find themselves in the desolate place called loneliness. Please share your thoughts on positive ways to overcome this type of pain. All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
  16. tourist

    Streams of Sub-Consciousness Thoughts

    Devoted to the sharing and dissemination of your deep desires or fears in the formation and sustaining of relationships.
  17. tourist

    Single Christian Romance Persanal Matchmaker

    Tired of the same old song everyday? The feeling of emptiness deep inside of your heart? God knows your pain and understands your heart and wants happiness in your life. He will be your guide out of the darkness of despair, all alone in the world without that special someone who could melt your...
  18. tourist

    Quite lonely

    My wife died a few weeks ago at the age of 59, the same age as myself. I am not looking to replace her but find that I am quite lonely. I am torn about whether I should accept a small amount of affection to alleviate the pain that I am in.