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    If you were living "under the law" apart from grace it would be. Stiff penalties for Sabbath breaking. People have a tendency to see people with respect and love of the law in its fullness (with Jesus) as being legalistic or living under the law. With study I think most believers would agree...
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    If you would like to marry soon...….?

    Hard to really think about a "laundry list" (although I would like my laundry done lol) I mean I do it, but I also rewear clothes and I presume that my future spouse would not appreciate that. Possibly the dry cleaners will be an option for a lot of things. ....Anyway...currently I can...
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    hmm, interesting topic. It is on my mind often. I think it is something that "can" be followed, for a blessing. Is it critical? Not in regard to salvation...but I do think every believer should have some opinion on it. Please don't take what I say out of context though and say that if you don't...
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    I deliberately sinned today

    At the same time. Willfully engaging in the behavior for a lifetime can/should be viewed differently. I know my grandfather was delivered of alcoholism but smoking remained until he got emphysema at like 60 and quit. Had an extremely rough 10 years until his body "expired" a few years ago. He...
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    Who wants to get married????

    @alfa19 Sometimes I think it would be helpful if the female made the first move in a way. Like, I've walked on eggshells so many times and then come on a bit too strong. Been told that the way I did it was just "wrong" but not in an ungodly way just that's not how it works...also that image...
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    Who wants to get married????

    Thanks for the share. This is relatively close to how I feel about the subject. I flip flop consistently about the subject and I've become a little bit bitter about how and when and if it will ever occur. I'm pretty sure I've worked through the bitterness but then things from the past crop...
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    Lets build a fire!

    Also...does anyone know if @Mii works for another user? I get a notification but I rarely get a response when I use it for others. For some reason the only replies I get are when quoting.
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    Lets build a fire!

    YO! I agree with taking a break from BDF for sure. For me it's sometimes like politics at I'll tune in when it's something super important but there are times I'm like "yeahhh no." Plenty of times I'll make a rather long post and just don't post it because I'm not sure if it should...
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    Comment by 'Mii' in media 'Photo_20190818_073820.png'

    This is actually how I see myself in my most personal moments. Ty for the share :)
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    Do you sometimes just don’t feel like talking?

    I've had a difficult time trying to pinpoint myself. I love talking but sometimes it is draining and I've grown less fond of random conversations unless they have a purpose of godliness...or general information, still usually with the purpose of opening up a door later on down the road. Like I...
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    Credentials as in a character reference? Or pieces of paper? I've heard some aberrant teachings from people with what the world defines as "credentialed"...Interestingly, only Paul was "credentialed" in the modern sense of the word. For me personally, character references are all that matter. I...
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    Speak Your Mind.

    Bowstring for bow and drill method or a magnifying glass would be for a pretty long term stay... Short term...trusty 91% rubbing alcohol and a pack of matches :P
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    I deliberately sinned today

    Follow your conscience. If it doesn't line up with the word then don't follow your in directly contradicts. Not working at a place where you effect the sale of tobacco products and lottery tickets is not that hard of a step. I don't think you need to quit right away though...
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    I'm worried I may have blasphemed the Holy Spirit with my thoughts

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Take every thought captive. Just be aware that it occurred. I've had some incredibly vile things go through my mind with spiritual contexts but I refuse to ruminate on them. Rebuke and move on. You can also sing in your mind...or play some worship music in...
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    Whats in YOUR purse ladies?

    Like the thread idea...I've always thought it seriously practical that females carry purses depending on what is in them ofc. My car functions as a giant purse I suppose :P
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    Hillsong leader about to renounce his Christian faith

    Yeah totally agree mate. Even looking back on bloodletting should cause anyone to give a bit of pause to accepting our knowledge as reliable. I think it's amazing though, looking at things with an open mind, how much we truly have no idea about medically. The deeper we dig, the more hopeless...
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    Hillsong leader about to renounce his Christian faith

    Saw a friend of mine about post this, I've lately become quite suspicious of big name worship groups. I sincerely liked the song Hosanna when I was 16 at summer camp. Was one of the few songs that really got me into a private worship mindset, despite being a group setting. I don't know if any...
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    Once saved always saved? Or is salvation conditional on believing and following God's Word?

    I appreciate it. I may end up passing the burden along to my sister who is married, because I always feel super awkward about certain things. I'm not sure where it is in scripture or if it is...but it's common practice in the church to bring up certain issues female on female and male on male...
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    Once saved always saved? Or is salvation conditional on believing and following God's Word?

    Appreciated bro. I've oft wrestled with the concept, because there is a false version of salvation that masquerades as's just hard to tell for certain people that aren't intentionally preaching it. I have my own doubts, but this has helped me a bit as some ammo for my own inner...
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    How to get over this?

    I will second going for a walk/exercise. Has worked wonders for me personally...certainly I am still assailed at times but it's like sound in a box vs sound in an open air environment. I rarely do it until I feel just "driven" to it, but it's definitely helpful. Every environment has its own...