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  1. BillG

    Generational Sin?

    What is it? Is it a reality for a believer? Is so why and how so? If it carries over to a believer and they struggle with it what are the consequences?
  2. BillG

    I'm tired and weary

    Physically, emotionally and spiritually. But I know I have drag my sorry butt out of bed tomorrow. Company of 39 people to run. Wife and 4 kids to support. So tired, so weary but I must go on.
  3. BillG

    One question you could ask Jesus.

    If you were away with Jesus in the same room and he says "You can ask me one question and we can discuss" What would your question be? This may come across as selfish and inward looking but if I was sat with Jesus in the flesh my question would be. Jesus do you really love me as I am?
  4. BillG

    Emotionally detached?

    I have been a genuine beliver for 34 years. Those of you who know me and read this post will know that my life has been a constant struggle, that in have suffered a lot and may understand what I'm about to say. Those of you who don't may not understand. Anyway this is what I struggle with...
  5. BillG

    I love You

    Did Jesus say I love you to his disciples and those who sought him out? I can't see a Bible verse where he actually says those words. He did not tell Peter he loved him, it was the opposite. He asked "Do you love me"
  6. BillG

    Loss of salvation.

    This probably won't be a long thread BUT I would like ask those who believe that we can lose salvation the following. At what point does one lose their salvation? What would cause this to happen? Would you know who has lost it?
  7. BillG

    Wolves in sheep's Clothing

    I everyone. The following may be silly questions but I want to ask as I am a little confused. Who are wolves? What do they do? From my previous reading on it is that wolves as talked about in the N.T. are those out for personal gain. So my question is "Are wolves just out for personal...
  8. BillG

    God loves you as much as he loves Jesus

    Do you know it? Do you believe it?
  9. BillG

    When did Jesus know he was the Son of God?

    When did Jesus know he was the Son of God? Given that he is sinless how was he sinless as a child growing up?
  10. BillG

    Is all well with your soul?

    Life is a battle isn't it. We all struggle with stuff, well I do. There are those of us with hurts and pain. Baggage that we can't seem to be shaken off. Worries of life can weigh us down. Some say hiw can I pay this bill, my marriage is in a mess, my kids have gone off the rails, I have health...
  11. BillG

    Do you know God loves you as much as he loves Jesus?

    John 17:23 I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me. If not why not? If not but now do what changed? If still not why? If any of you are struggling with this and you are willing...
  12. BillG


    Do we relate to others as we feel God relates to us? If we feel God relates to us negatively will we do the same with others? I think we do. What do you all think?
  13. BillG


    I smoke, don't want to. Hate that I do. Started when I was 16 and now 48. When on holiday or away for a weekend with my wife a few times when I went for a smoke I found myself with people who opened up via conversation. I have never manipulated the conversations but these opportunities have...
  14. BillG

    Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace how sweet that sound that saved a wretch like me. Gods amazing Grace healed and delivered me from my severe gambling addiction. What has Gods grace done in your life?
  15. BillG

    I love eBay

    I love eBay. Just sold my homing pigeon for the 3rd time this month.
  16. BillG

    Here for you
  17. BillG

    Too small a price
  18. BillG

    Remembrance - Matt Maher
  19. BillG

    Psalm 145 - Dustin Jemsrue
  20. BillG

    It is well with my soul